Samsung today announced that its QLED TVs have received Spatial Sound Optimization certification from leading expert Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE) for the first time in industry history. It demonstrates that the tested products provide consistent sound quality regardless of the environment.

Televisions in their owners’ homes can be located in different rooms, for example, in the living room, in the bedroom or on the terrace, with their own individual acoustic conditions. Accordingly, the sound from their audio systems is perceived differently depending on the location relative to the floor, walls, ceiling and the presence of interior items. Samsung wondered if the TV’s sound quality could be optimal no matter where it was placed. This is how the SpaceFit Sound technology used in the QLED series was born.

It works as follows. Using microphones built into the TV case, the central processor analyzes the environment and recognizes obstacles in the form of curtains, carpets, walls that affect the sound. And if they, for example, absorb mid and high frequencies, then he calibrates the audio parameters in order to amplify them. Low frequencies are distorted if the TV is placed close to a wall. In this case, the SpaceFit algorithm is also triggered to correct the bass.

Previously, TV owners had to manually adjust the audio parameters. This process can be tedious and not bring the desired result. Now, SpaceFit automatically performs this task based on accurate calculations.

List of Spatial Sound Optimization certified models: Samsung Q70A , Samsung Q80A , Samsung Q90A , Samsung Q700A, Samsung Q800A , Samsung Q900A .

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