Samsung QN700A: The most affordable 8K TV from Samsung

Samsung QN700A

Samsung QN700A is the cheapest of the three 8K models in the Samsung lineup this year, a chance to get into the highest resolution without overpaying for more advanced brothers QN900A and QN800A.

img 609bb05218b05Prices and size range

The QN700A is offered in three diagonals – 140 cm, 165 cm and 190 cm. The model has appeared so far only in the UK market with prices of 2500, 3500 and 5000 pounds, respectively. This is about 261 thousand, 366 thousand, and 523 thousand at the current exchange rate in rubles.

Features Samsung QN700A

Externally, the QN700A and the older model QN800A look completely identical with an equally thin body (1.95 cm in depth for a 165 cm modification), a central pillar and a barely noticeable frame around the screen. Both TVs are equipped with a separate Slim One Connect for all external connections. In terms of the range of sizes, the QN700A offers a small diagonal of 140 cm, which is absent from its older brothers.

img 609bb0524eed7Left QN700A, right QN800A

As for the technical characteristics, the differences between the QN700A and the older model QN800A are also minimal, the main ones being the simpler Neo Quantum 8K Lite processor and a less wide viewing angle. Otherwise, the QN700A is the same TV with 120Hz refresh rate, MiniLED backlighting, Quantum Matrix Pro technology with 1344 local dimming zones, Quantum HDR 32X brightness range, OTS + object-oriented audio with 8 speakers, HDMI 2.1 support and FreeSync Premium Pro …

Comparing the QN700A with its predecessor, the Q700T, this year’s model has received a significant update. Firstly, it’s a MiniLED backlight with more powerful local dimming, secondly, it’s a 120Hz versus 60Hz screen, and thirdly, it’s the Slim One Connect plug-in, which is only offered on a handful of select TVs. Samsung.

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