Samsung S95B: The next generation TV is officially unveiled

Samsung S95B officially unveiled
Samsung S95B officially unveiled

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A few days ago, a hint  appeared on the network about the imminent release of the new generation  Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV , and now, finally, the TV is officially presented on the manufacturer’s American website.

Let’s start with the main one. The price for a 65 – inch TV is $3,000 , for a 55 -inch TV it’s $ 2,200.  Pre-orders are currently being accepted with the shipment of goods until April 15 . This means that approximately from this date we can expect the start of direct global sales.

We expected this price level to be about the same when discussing the similar  Sony A95K , and noted that it is not overpriced and quite acceptable for a top-class novelty that marks perhaps the biggest technological event in the industry since the advent of  OLED screens .

It is noteworthy that, contrary to logic and expectations, the abbreviation  QD is absent in the model name , and it is simply called  OLED TV . But it is the hybrid nature of the novelty that makes it so special. This approach raises big questions from a marketing point of view, since  QD-OLED is a technology designed to surpass  OLED , and the model name should emphasize this. And if you remember that  Samsung  is also going to  launch a line of classic  OLED TVs , then there is serious confusion.

So, what’s in the description of the  Samsung S95B? First of all, the manufacturer promises a super-realistic image thanks to the work of 8.3 million self-luminous pixels. Each is individually controlled, and when turned off, they leave a perfect black dot in place, thus creating an infinite degree of contrast .

The Real Depth Enhancer technology is designed to further enhance the viewing experience  , giving the image a three-dimensional effect by focusing on foreground objects. Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology delivers crisp, fluid motion scenes that abound in action movies, sports programs and video games  . And finally, a special  Eye Comfort mode will be gentle on the eyes by reducing unwanted blue light.

Further, the processor uses 20 neural networks , with the help of which the TV is able to convert any incoming video signal to high resolution 4K . In terms of sound,  Dolby Atmos surround format, which is popular in the market, is now being added to  Samsung’s own object-oriented OTS technology . The power of the TV’s audio system is 60 W , and it consists of six speakers of a decent 2.2.2 configuration .

The updated interface of the  Tizen  platform makes finding the right content even easier. It contains recommendations not only for movies, but also for games, music and other programs. And you no longer need to contact professionals to calibrate the screen – you can now do it yourself using the  Smart Calibration function . True, for this you still need a compatible  Samsung smartphone .

As befits a flagship,  the S95B  is a piece of high design with a barely visible bezel around the screen and an incredibly thin bezel. Among other features of the TV, we note an ultra-wide view, the presence of four  HDMI 2.1 ports , support for the new  HDR10 + Gaming format and  HDR10 + Adaptive technology , the ability to voice control using  Google Assistant and  Alexa .

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