Samsung The Frame 2021 will be almost twice as thin!

Samsung The Frame 2021

Samsung’s The Frame series of TVs, which look like large framed photographs, have been released since 2017 and have sold nearly a million copies during this time. In 2021, it will be completely renovated and expanded .

Now the series will include models with diagonals from 32 to 75 inches, and the devices themselves will change technically. The backlight type of LCD-matrixes will remain the same – end. But the body itself will be reduced in thickness by almost half, or rather – by 46% to 2.5 cm.For more similarity with the photograph, the interchangeable frames themselves are now available in two types of designs: with straight and beveled edges, and there are now five colors offered.


In addition, the 32-inch and 43-inch models can be rotated and used in portrait mode to view relevant paintings, photos and videos, just like The Sero , but you will have to manually change the position. Larger models will only work with a horizontal screen orientation.

As an operating system, as in other QLED-models, Tizen 6.0 with HDR10 + Adaptive support will be used. As background images, it contains only a few ornaments and photos without any special themes. Access to 1,600 world masterpieces of painting and photography, which can be launched alternately, will be paid – in the United States it will cost $ 5 per month. However, you can also use your own photos.

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