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Samsung TV lineup 2023

Samsung TV lineup 2023
Samsung TV lineup 2023

Even before the start of CES 2023, most of the model markings of the new Samsung TVs have already become known. This gives a first look at Samsung’s 2023 lineups of QLED, NEO QLED, QD-QLED, and Crystal UHD in 8K and 4K resolutions. Will there be many changes in Samsung TVs 2023 model year?

Samsung TV lineup for 2023

Samsung TV lineup for 2023

Samsung TVs 2023

With Samsung having to submit its TVs every year for certification by the National Radio Research Agency (NRRA) in Korea, we have the opportunity to learn about the 2023 Samsung TV lineup before the company itself announces these models. The Neo QLED QN90C TV, which recently appeared among the approved products, has now been joined by other series with Ultra HD resolution.

In addition to them, there will be two series with a resolution of 8K and several QLED , that is, quantum dot LCD TVs without mini-LED backlighting . Even the eight thousand series of entry-level models without Quantum Dot and model numbers from “The Frame” have already been registered. The top 8K models of the QN900C series and the long-awaited successor to QD-OLED TVs , which will be labeled S95C, will continue to be released.

In 2023, Samsung is expected to up the ante with its QD-OLED lineup. The company is going to release a model with a larger screen size. This is reported by the Korean news agency ETNews. Samsung is likely to unveil its new line of QD-OLED models at CES 2023 with larger screen sizes and deeper blacks.

Once these models arrive, the big question will be whether Samsung can beat LG in the battle for OLED TV supremacy. Deeper black levels are to be expected first. This is one of the main aspects when it comes to OLED panels.

These next generation QD-OLED screens from Samsung will reportedly solve the problem of light leaking from illuminated pixels to unlit ones. As a result, blacks will never look slightly gray in some scenes on QD-OLED displays.

Samsung is also going to register the trade term “True Black”, which will later be used in marketing materials for the new QD-OLED. This term may give us a hint as to what to expect from these future screens. Listed below are all models that have already been registered and certified by the NRRA.

So far there are no big surprises to report. Diagonals of 55, 65, 75 and 85 are the main sizes in the Samsung TV lineup in 2023. In some series there are also smaller models with a diagonal of 50 or 43 inches. The rest of the information should appear after the CES show in Las Vegas, which will take place in the first half of January 2023.

2023 lineup from Samsung TV

Samsung QN800C

Samsung QE75QN800C — 8K NEO QLED TV 2023 Mini-LED

Samsung QN700C

Samsung QE75QN700C — 8K NEO QLED TV 2023 Mini-LED

S95C OLED 2023 4K

Samsung QE55S95C.
Samsung QE65S95C.
Samsung QE75S95C.

Samsung QN95C

Samsung QE55QN95C.
Samsung QE65QN95C.
Samsung QE75QN95C.

Samsung QN90C

Samsung QE55QN90C.
Samsung QE65QN90C.
Samsung QE75QN90C.
Samsung QE85QN90C.

Samsung QN85C

Samsung QE55QN85C.
Samsung QE65QN85C.
Samsung QE75QN85C.
Samsung QE85QN85C.

Samsung Q80C

Samsung QE50Q80C.
Samsung QE55Q80C.
Samsung QE65Q80C.
Samsung QE75Q80C.
Samsung QE85Q80C.

Samsung Q70C

Samsung QE65Q70C.
Samsung QE75Q70C.

Samsung Q60C

Samsung QE55Q60C.
Samsung QE65Q60C.

Samsung CU8000 — Crystal UHD

Samsung UE43CU8000.
Samsung UE50CU8000.
Samsung UE55CU8000.
Samsung UE65CU8000.
Samsung UE75CU8000.

Samsung is also expected to add the CU9000 and CU7000 series to its lineup in 2023.

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