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Samsung will launch a cloud gaming hub before the end of the year

Samsung will launch a cloud gaming hub before the end of the year
Samsung will launch a cloud gaming hub before the end of the year

Back in October last year,  Samsung  announced the launch of its own cloud gaming hub, which will be available to owners of 2022 TVs from this manufacturer. However, with the advent of the TVs themselves, it turned out that the service does not work yet. In this regard, the company made an appropriate explanation.

“The Samsung Gaming Hub will be unveiled at the scheduled time. As this date approaches, we will alert our consumers to the release of the service.”

The game hub will appear as part of the updated  Tizen  platform as an independent section “later during the year.” There are three sections in total, the other two are  Media  and  Ambient , which are already available on new TVs.

“Game Hub is a new streaming platform that will provide quality games by combining hardware and software. Consumers don’t have to download and store anything on their devices. It will be powered by partnerships with industry-leading providers in the form of Nvidia GeForce Now, Stadia, Utomik and the list will continue to grow. The Game Hub will be available later in the year on selected 2022 TVs,” Samsung said in a statement.

Most likely, the new gaming service will not be available for TV releases before 2022. In addition, regional restrictions may apply.

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