Sharp launches miniLED TV lineup for Japanese market only

Sharp launches miniLED TV lineup for Japanese market only
Sharp launches miniLED TV lineup for Japanese market only

Sharp announced the next generation of TVs, called “Next Generation Display”, on October 18th at CEATEC in Tokyo. Now the company has officially presented the entire line, called Aquos XLED. Moreover, XLED is not a new type of display, but a trademark for models with miniLED backlighting.

Sharp first used it on their TVs, so it was highlighted. So far, the new line is presented in two series: DX1 and DP1. The first included three models with a resolution of 8K and diagonals 85, 75 and 65 inches, and the second – two models with a resolution of 4K with a diagonal of 55 and 65 inches.

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The DX1 series is of particular interest. The models in it have a very thin frame – a little less than 2 mm from the edge of the image to the end of the case. The back panels of the cases are absolutely flat and can be installed close to the wall, and the metal ends are made of perforated – just like in the flagship series of Samsung.

In addition to miniLED backlighting, the TVs used a layer with quantum dots and LCD panels of a special N-Wide series with the widest viewing angle and anti-reflective coating. HDMI inputs are version 2.1 and support all new video formats including VRR and ALLM. Dolby Vision is supported on both inputs and streaming video services.

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Video processing with adaptive algorithms is carried out by the proprietary Medalist Z2X processor, which the company does not use in models for Europe. But the most interesting thing is that the tuner and the Internet module are supposed to receive 8K BS8K broadcasts from the only NHK channel that broadcasts with such a resolution.

Moreover, by connecting a hard drive via USB 3.0, such broadcasts can be recorded and viewed at a convenient time – just like 4K or Full HD broadcasts. The application used for this also supports the Omakase Auto Chapter protocol, which automatically marks chapters when a program is recorded.

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Prices for DX1 series Aquos XLED TVs started at 660,000 yen for the 65-inch model 8T-C65DX1 and reached 1.76 million yen.

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