Skyworth W92: OLED TV with 8K 120Hz Picture and Skyworth Audio Glass Sound

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The Chinese company Skyworth will soon show the W92 TV – according to representatives, it will deliver “the best picture quality the brand has ever produced.”

It is an 88-inch OLED panel operating in 8K (7680 × 4320) resolution at up to 120Hz and Dolby Vision support. For image enhancement, it is equipped with 3D LUT calibration and MTK S900 SoC chipset with two independent AI-based image enhancement processors.

The Skyworth W92 is powered by Skyworth Audio Glass Sound. According to Skyworth, this is a new type of built-in audio system for TVs, in which sound is emitted from the surface of the screen (in fact, such a system is already used in some OLED models of LG and Sony).

The Skyworth W92 panel is used as a movable sound emitting diaphragm, which is made to move by four electromagnetic drivers. The system will be complemented by proprietary “pneumatic” tweeters. They will create an evenly distributed sound field, Skyworth says.

Apparently, Skyworth will present this device as a prototype demonstrating the company’s technological success, but it is unlikely to be a serial sample – today only brands specializing in premium products can sell such sophisticated models.

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