Sony A75L vs A80L: Cheaper or better?

Sony A75L vs A80L: cheaper or better?
Sony A75L vs A80L: cheaper or better?

Sony, in the wake of the popularity of the A80L TV, a very successful model and highly rated by experts, has released a new product that is more affordable. Good news? Yes. Until you dig deeper.

The Sony A75L is equipped with the same 4K OLED display (manufactured by LG Display) and a proprietary XR processor, supports HDR, Dolby Vision and HLG, as well as AirPlay 2 (which allows wireless streaming directly from a smartphone and Apple tablets). Operating system: Google TV. The functions demanded by gamers are preserved: there is support for VRR and ALLM, two HDMI 2.1 ports; From the A80L, a special gaming menu has also been transferred to the new model.

The design of the stand has changed a little – and this is where the compromises begin. Yes, the price of the new product is lower. But, for example, its stand is fixed, unlike the A80L: in the “older” model you can change the angle of the display. The Sony A75L does not have a built-in microphone that would allow you to communicate with the Google Assistant voice assistant. A more serious “loss” is the simplified audio system, which consists not of three actuators (in these Sony TVs the sound is emitted by the screen itself), but of two.

Considering the very high sound quality of the A80L (by TV standards with built-in audio), those who want to buy “the same thing, but cheaper” may be disappointed… And the cheapness of the new model is relative. The Sony A80 has been on the market for more than six months, and during this time its price has dropped significantly.

SONY A75L Features


Therefore, now these TVs (depending on size) can cost as much as how much are new A75Ls, and in some cases even cheaper. Experts expect Sony to rectify the situation by raising prices for the A80L, or to release the A75L directly on Black Friday, allowing retailers to sell it at deep discounts.

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