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Sony has finally unveiled its new 2023 Bravia XR TV lineup

Sony announces 2023 Bravia TV lineup

Sony has finally unveiled its new 2023 Bravia XR TV lineup. With the exception of the flashy flagship QD-OLED TV at the top of the list, the rest of the lineup has mostly received only minor tweaks and modest improvements. Some models have gained more dimming zones and a slight improvement in brightness compared to last year’s TVs. As always, image processing is positioned as the main selling point of Sony TVs.

According to Sony, the Cognitive Processor XR image processing system handles complex scenes better than competing models. A novelty is the XR Clear Image function, which can adapt image settings depending on the quality of the source material. The system is smart enough to detect 1080p video – even when the TV is “upscaling” a 4K signal – and this will add extra fidelity to image processing while still maintaining the content creator’s intent.

All 2023 Sony TVs still run Google TV as their OS: the software has a content forwarding interface and supports Apple (AirPlay 2/HomeKit) and Amazon (Alexa) features on top of built-in Google services such as voice assistant and search .

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Sony has added Eco Dashboard to its TV software, an app that encourages being environmentally conscious. The tree on the screen grows and turns green when energy-saving settings are used and, conversely, loses green when the power is used excessively.

The highly competitively priced entry-level X90L series features a local dimming LED panel and delivers 60% more local dimming zones and 30% more peak brightness than its predecessor. The X90L series features the largest screen model in Sony’s new lineup at 98 inches (250 cm).

The mid-range A80L OLED series received diagonals up to 83 inches. Updates compared to a year ago TVs are minor – 10% increased brightness and improved sound clarity thanks to new tweeters. In general, the series is similar to last year’s A80K WRGB.

The QD-OLED A95L is Sony’s most impressive TV this year, coming in 77″, 65″ and 55″ and replacing the A95K series. They appear to be using a second generation Samsung Display QD-OLED panel that promises up to 200% better peak brightness compared to the previous generation.

Sony also continues to release premium Mini LED TVs. Despite the smaller number in the name, the new X93L TVs will replace the 2022 X95K series and come in 85, 77, and 65-inch screens. Along with this, Sony has added a higher-end 85-inch model, the X95L, which will get 20% more local dimming zones.

All TVs are capable of playing games in 4K at 120Hz, although they are still limited to two HDMI 2.1 ports along with two HDMI 2.0. Sony offers deep integration with the PS5, but doesn’t forget about the Xbox, which also received gaming software updates.

Sony’s 2023 TVs have received a game settings menu that allows you to quickly connect a virtual reality headset, adjust motion blur, quickly adjust gamma and contrast, and enable a permanent on-screen crosshair. You can also adjust the screen size for the game if you don’t want to use full screen. Unfortunately, the Sony game menu does not display the current real-time frame rate.

Prices for the new range of Sony TVs have not yet been announced.

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