TCL OD Zero – Third generation miniLED lighting


TCL, which took the second place in the number of TVs sold in the United States at the end of 2020, showed at the virtual exhibition CES 2021 not only serial miniLED models for the American market, but also a new version of LCD backlighting on miniature LEDs.

They showed the first TVs with this type of backlight back in 2019, when no one else had used it. A year later, she introduced models with the more advanced Vidrian backlighting, in which the LEDs were placed directly on a stack of LCD panels. The new version of TCL’s miniLED backlight is called OD Zero, which means zero distance between diodes and stack.

The company said there would be little difference for consumers between Vidrian and OD Zero. At the same time, most likely, this difference will be significant for the manufacturer itself: the absence of a non-standard operation of applying diodes to the stack will make OD Zero more technologically advanced, and therefore cheaper to manufacture. At the same time, all the advantages will remain – the panel with diodes turns out to be only slightly more than 1 mm in thickness.

It is not yet known when the OD Zero backlight will appear in production TVs and monitors – TCL’s current 6th and 8th series TVs use a standard miniLED thick panel backlight and Vidrian. However, there is no doubt that the company will switch to OD Zero.

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