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The 7 best 65-inch OLED TVs of 2023

The 7 best 65-inch OLED TVs of 2023
The 7 best 65-inch OLED TVs of 2023

In recent years, TVs based on O LED ( Organic Light – Emitting Diodes ) technology have finally conquered the premium TV market. The ability to reproduce infinitely deep blacks has been complemented by high brightness in recent generations of TVs, and today anyone looking for a flat panel TV with reference picture quality is opting for the latest OLED TVs. 


7. Hisense 65A85H

One of the world’s leading TV brands is actively conquering the market. This budget model, built on OLED technology, has long won recognition throughout the world. Despite the fact that the TV has a matrix of the previous generation, this does not affect the viewing pleasure in the least – the deepest black color and wide color gamut make natural landscapes and pictures of deep space absolutely irresistible. The model supports all major HDR formats, including Dolby Vision IQ.

Pros – the main advantages of OLED at a nice price, 120 Hz, official supplies and service, omnivorous player

Verdict: Easy to buy and nice to look at


6. Toshiba 65X9900LE

Toshiba TVs continue to be officially sold in our market, and this model leads the branded line. All the main advantages of OLED TVs are evident here – excellent viewing angles, deep blacks, excellent motion transmission. The model works on the VIDAA platform, common with Hisense devices. A powerful 2 x 40 Watt speaker system supports Dolby Atmos soundtracks, all major high dynamic range video formats are also supported.

Pros – excellent black color, 120 Hz support, official supplies and service

Verdict: The best option from official suppliers


5. Philips 65OLED808

Despite the change in ownership, Philips TVs are still being developed by the same proven team. The new generation of OLED TVs that hit the market this year is currently on sale with the 65OLED808 model. It is built on an OLED EX panel and is capable of displaying a picture with a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits. The processor part is built on the proprietary P5 AI, the operating system is Google TV. One of the main features is traditionally branded backlight Next Gen Ambilight. For fans of the proprietary approach to image processing, there is the famous Perfect Natural Motion, which has not lost its relevance to this day.

Pros – Next Gen Ambilight system, professional calibration capability, 120Hz, DTS Play-Fi

Verdict: If you love Philips, then this is your choice.


4 Loewe Bild i.65 DR+

The premium niche in our selection is represented by a model from Loewe. In addition to stunning design and a very high-quality image, it boasts the presence of a branded Loewe Klang bar i soundbar, supported by a built-in seven-band equalizer. The TV is running the “native” Loewe os7 operating system, which has the main popular streaming applications. Connection to the home network is possible both via the Wi-Fi module and via Ethernet.

Pros – great design, high-quality sound, excellent color reproduction, built-in 1 TB hard drive

Verdict: TV style icon


3. Sony XR-65A80L

This year, the Japanese company did not update the line of TVs based on QD-OLED technology, focusing on the development of the classic OLED. The novelty is the focus of proprietary image processing technologies specially designed for this type of TV. The software part is built on the Android TV platform, among the interesting features we should also note the automatic support and detection of the connected PlayStation 5 set-top box. Of course, the TV works with a 4K / 120 Hz image and has a full set of physical inputs for connecting any signal sources. The audio system is traditionally built on radiant screen technology – 3 drivers are complemented by two traditional woofers.

Pros – accurate colors, native PS5 support

Verdict: For loyal fans of Sony TVs and PS5


2. LG OLED65G3

The latest branded matrix in this TV is combined with a layer of microscopic lenses Micro Lens Array and Brightness Booster Max technology, which made it possible to increase brightness and significantly increase the resolution of shades in dark scenes – with absolute depth of black and past generations of the company’s OLED TVs had no problems. The screen received a special anti-reflective coating SAR (Super Anti Reflet) – you can watch TV even in a light-filled room. Support for 120Hz refresh rate and Dolby Vision Gaming 4K makes the TV a great choice for gamers. The model is running webOS 23.

Pros – high brightness, stunning image depth

Verdict: The best incarnation of OLED to date


1.Samsung TQ65S95C

The latest model of 2023, built on hybrid QD-OLED technology, which combines a 10bit/144Hz OLED panel with a phosphorescent quantum dot layer. This combination results in high peak brightness and the deepest blacks combined with an extended color gamut. The Neural Quantum 4K processor is responsible for image processing, confidently scaling the image to 4K resolution. Hardcore gamers will appreciate AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support. The 70-watt speaker system is configured in 4.2.2 configuration and uses Object Tracking Sound (OTS+) technology to harmonize sound and image on the screen.

Pros – Reference image, best quality of OLED and QLED without their drawbacks

Verdict: Best 65″ TV on the market