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The biggest differences between Android TV 13 and Android TV 12

Differences between Android TV 13 and Android TV 12
Differences between Android TV 13 and Android TV 12

Google has released Android TV 13 for smart TVs and media players. Are there any issues with this version that may affect users? What’s new in Android TV 13? How Android TV 13 differs from Android TV 12 , its predecessor. We will try to analyze all these questions.

Differences between Android TV 13 and Android TV 12

Google has released the final version of the operating system. Google TV as a launcher is also based on Android TV. Android 13 for TVs and media players, or rather Android TV 13, appeared in 2022. It should also be noted that Android 13 for mobile devices has been available for several months now. The home theater spin-off usually comes out a little later than the mobile version.

According to Google, Android 13 not only improves performance and usability, but also improves compatibility with even more hardware. To do this, Android TV OS 13 must first be accepted by partners. After all, manufacturers always have more opportunities to adapt software for themselves or their customers.

Differences between Android TV 13 and Android TV 12

Differences between Android TV 13 and Android TV 12

What’s new

As one of the innovations, Google cites the ability for applications to analyze the user’s audio setting to make appropriate adjustments based on supported formats before creating the appropriate audio track.

Another important factor is that Android TV 13 OS should allow users to choose their preferred resolution and refresh rate for compatible HDMI players. In addition, Google claims to have optimized energy management. That is, in standby mode, power consumption will be low.

To improve data protection and privacy, access to the Google Assistant and user settings for microphones built into remote controls have been updated. Users will also be able to create system-wide defaults to enable audio descriptions in apps.

This is a useful extension of accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing. The new API for keyboard layouts will allow you to use different language layouts when connecting external hardware keyboards. The new system-wide option should also output audio descriptions for all applications or in all applications.

In addition, it is reported that the processing of modified HDMI cascades has improved. Google has also revised support for picture-in-picture. This will make it possible to make a video call and see other content at the same time. At the same time, the sizes of windows will be easily regulated.

In addition, the new audio manager should recognize the available playback modes and simplify further processing and output. It also remains to add that the Nvidia Shield TV streaming player running Android TV remains one of the most popular devices.

Android TV 13 release date

The Android TV 13 operating system was released in December 2022. It should be noted that Android 13 will be distributed slowly. Google has already released factory images of Android TV 13. However, the ADT-3 kit is only suitable for developers.

You can, of course, look into the platform and through the Android emulator for TVs. But again, only manufacturers of household appliances will be able to use this system. Everyone else will now have to wait until the manufacturers of the respective TVs or media players decide to develop or release an update to Android TV 13.

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