The cheapest 4K UHD TVs you should consider in 2023

Which cheap 4K UHD TV to buy in 2023
Which cheap 4K UHD TV to buy in 2023

Although plasma panels have long been discontinued, many users habitually refer to any flat-panel TV as a “plasma”. This, of course , is incorrect – inexpensive LCD TVs with LED panels and OLED devices are now on the market. If there is a question of economy, all roads lead to LED – these are the displays we will study in our new rating. So, what really cheap , high-quality and modern TVs can you buy in 2023?


7. Tuvio 4K STV-50FDUBK1R 50”

Diagonal – 50” | Resolution – 4K UHD | Illumination – Direct LED | Panel – S-MVA | Sweep – 60 Hz

Pros – affordable price, smart features

Cons – HDR lacks brightness

Verdict – Workhorse

An inexpensive but fresh model – the Tuvio 4K STV-50FDUBK1R TV will offer 4K resolution, brightness up to 300 cd / m2 and a good S-MVA matrix. The Yandex TV platform will give a lot of streaming functions and integration into a smart home from Yandex, and HDR support will allow you to work with the most modern formats (albeit not at full brightness due to peak limitations). In general, the picture of the Tuvio 4K STV-50FDUBK1R is very good, so the model works out every penny. Of the minuses, it is also worth noting the not very responsive interface.


6. Xiaomi TV Q2 55 2023 55”

Diagonal – 55” | Resolution – 4K UHD | Illumination – Direct LED | Panel – VA | Sweep – 60 Hz

Pros – good detail, Direct LED backlighting

Cons – Colors need to be adjusted

Verdict – the new Xiaomi is a success!

The latest Xiaomi TV Q2 55 2023 is a full riot of colors. At first, this approach is impressive, but after checking according to the calibration tables, it’s better to tweak the model, nevertheless. Otherwise, there are no complaints – the black color is deep enough, the QLED panel performs well, and 500 cd / m2 of brightness is enough for both Dolby Vision and HDR10. The operation of the interface does not raise questions. A sweep would be at 120 Hz, but this is already different money.


5. KIVI 65U750NB 65”

Diagonal – 65” | Resolution – 4K UHD | Illumination – Direct LED | Panel – IPS | Sweep – 60 Hz

Pros – large screen size, IPS panel

Cons – some issues with contrast

Verdict – a screen for all the money

A really big and affordable TV is the KIVI 65U750NB. A 65 ”TV, and even an IPS with a very accurate palette, Andoid TV Chromecast, a good supply of brightness for HDR10 – such a miracle is worth asking the price. In fact, it is easy to make a “Swiss knife” for video from the model by installing applications, and it is very difficult to find fault with the image quality, except that the work with halftones could be better. But, again, pay attention to the price!


4. TCL 65C645 QLED 2023

Diagonal – 65” | Resolution – 4K UHD | Illumination – Direct LED | Panel – VA | Sweep – 120 Hz

Pros – gorgeous picture, 120 Hz sweep

Cons – nothing major

Verdict – TV of tomorrow

“Gaming in Dolby Vision”, QLED panel of 2023, 120Hz (finally!) – the TCL 65C645 QLED TV can drive videophiles crazy. With all the desire, there is simply nothing to blame the device for – everything is done at the highest level. The Google TV platform offers the flexibility you need, 450 cd/m2 brightness is enough for HDR, Direct LED backlighting works wonders as well.


3. LG 50QNED816RA 2023 50”

Diagonal – 50” | Resolution – 4K UHD | Illumination – Edge LED | Panel – VA | Sweep – 120 Hz

Pros – QNED panel with a stunning picture

Cons – not very large screen size

Verdict – Perfectionist’s Choice

A step down in screen size, we have only a 50” TV in front of us – with a step up in price? Is the LG 50QNED816RA 2023 worth it? Yes, because the model uses the most advanced Quantum Dot QNED matrix, supports 120 Hz and demonstrates a truly reference picture. The margin of brightness, again, is “horse” – even HDR10 Pro formats do not raise any questions. Branded webOS in circulation causes only positive emotions and works very quickly.


2. LG 75UR81006LJ 2023

Diagonal – 75” | Resolution – 4K UHD | Illumination – Direct LED | Panel – VA | Sweep – 60 Hz

Pros – replacement for the projector (well, “almost”)

Cons – Requires calibration

Verdict – excellent value for money

Complained about the size of the above TV? Here is an alternative – for a little extra you can get as much as a 75 ”screen! Yes, the device “out of the box” needs to be calibrated a little – then the black color will become better, and the colors will return to normal, but nothing seditious. But, the display area in this case works “one hundred percent”.


1. Samsung QE55Q77CAT 2023

Diagonal – 55” | Resolution – 4K UHD | Illumination – Edge LED | Panel – VA | Sweep – 120 Hz

Pros – Lots of new technology, great picture

The only downside is the price…

Verdict – Samsung will not let you down

A new TV model from Samsung – QE55Q77CAT appeared on the market in 2023. 120Hz refresh rate, crazy 580 cd/m brightness (HDR10 Pro can blow you off your chair), Tizen platform and impeccable resolution even in dark night scenes – the device is definitely worth the money. Yes, there are big screen devices on the market, but if you’re looking for features and technology, the Samsung QE55Q77CAT 2023 is worth a look.