The FIFA app is now available on Android TV and Google TV

The FIFA app is now available on Android TV and Google TV
The FIFA app is now available on Android TV and Google TV

The World Cup in Qatar , giving as it is giving rise to talk, continues, as always with millions of loyal followers who, whatever it may be, are looking for a way to enjoy all the matches, although, obviously, faithfully for their countries. It seems like the perfect time , then, to talk about football applications , because they will surely have more depth than at any other time. And from here comes the incorporation of the FIFA app in the Android TV and Google TV systems .

The FIFA app on Google systems

Obviously, it is not the first time that we are going to see it on a smart TV. In fact, Hisense, as a sponsor of the World Cup, has included the FIFA+ application in its software menu for its smartTVs for some time now.

Interface with FIFA+ app content

But, as always, not all the applications are available in the same stores, nor do all brands support them. Now it’s the turn of Google TV and Android TV . This can be installed both on televisions that include the systems and on those setboxes with said operating systems, even if the television brings its own.

And what are we going to find? FIFA+ broadcasts a total of 4,000 matches per year. But, in addition, you will find replays of plays, interviews and even documentaries related to the king of sports, whether it be about it itself or about personalities that have marked and mark an era.

As for its operation, being completely free includes ads , something to be expected and that was already known (introducing it into the Google system has not changed anything) and, for the rest, you only have to know that you can download it through this link that takes you directly to the Google Play Store: Download FIFA+ here