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The first wireless smartTV has been unveiled

The first wireless smartTV is revealed
The first wireless smartTV is revealed

Has it never occurred to you? Generally, when a device is so big, we don’t imagine it without a cable, I’m not sure why. I guess we do not conceive that something that gives so much can work “out of nowhere”. Imagine a fridge that does not go to light! But it happens, at least with this wireless smartTV.

How is the first wireless smartTV?

Let’s start by saying that it is a long tooth according to the proximity of CES2023, the ace up the sleeve of the startup Displace. And, yes, it is officially the first smart TV that works without cables, using battery.

Although many will place it as that type of eccentric product that nobody really uses, it may not really be the case, because if it works as well as it appears, it can be a very good option. Let’s see it!

They haven’t discovered it as such yet (that’s what the event is for) but they have left us some clues in their press release.

This is the promo that they have given us to date

This television will include a 55-inch OLED panel (with Ultra HD resolution, as one would expect from anyone), it will be very light, less than 10 kg. A notable point, in addition to the battery system, is another coupling for different surfaces without necessarily having to mount it on the wall. And as if it didn’t already have enough distinctive features, it can be attached to three other brand televisions up to 110 inches, which would make up a 16K system. It also has gesture control (something we have already seen in some high-end 2022 models) and has facial recognition and artificial vision.

But focusing on the battery use system, knowing that it has storage for several of them, that they can be removed one by one and that the autonomy is one month, always making conventional use of the television (6 hours per day).

Other points that are known is that it mounts an Nvidia GPU and an AMD CPU as well as its compatibility with WiFI 6.

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