The Frame 2022 takes on an even more iconic look

The Frame 2022 takes on an even more iconic look
The Frame 2022 takes on an even more iconic look

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The Frame model  is an excellent example of a successful marketing strategy in the TV market. Having successfully chosen a niche,  Samsung  launched its sales back in 2017. The Frame has since  sold over 2 million copies, including over a million  last year alone!

Today, the next generation of the picture TV is coming out, and there is every reason to believe that it will also be warmly received by buyers. In this article, we will briefly review the features of  The Frame 2022 .

In the beginning, we immediately note two main changes in the new product compared to its predecessor. Firstly,  The Frame 2022 TV received a matte anti-reflective screen, further enhancing its resemblance to the canvas of the picture. Now even in a bright room, reflections won’t interfere with your viewing, says Samsung . By the way, the anti-glare properties of The Frame are confirmed by a certificate from the well-known company Underwriters Laboratories .

Secondly,  The Frame 2022 now supports the popular  Dolby Atmos surround sound technology . Let us immediately clarify that the TV itself is not capable of reproducing this format through its standard speakers, but it can transmit it to an external compatible audio system. Note that this year,  Dolby  Atmos  is being introduced to  Samsung  TVs for the first time in their entire existence, and this fact cannot but rejoice.

In terms of other specs,  The Frame 2022 maintains a high level of continuity over its 2021 predecessor, which is to be expected. So, the TV is equipped with a premium  QLED  screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and with 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color standard  , a Quantum  4K processorresponsible for scaling low-format content to 4K  and a 40W audio systemconsisting of  speakers. The Frame is great for video games, supporting  HDMI 2.1 , FreeSync  and  ALLM, and is capable of reproducing high quality 4K/120Hz signal from the latest consoles.

We also note a number of smart functions of the TV. So, the motion sensor turns off the TV if no one is present in the room, and the light sensor automatically optimizes the image depending on the level of lighting. Further, with the help of SmartThings  and  AirPlay 2 , you can easily duplicate content from your smartphone to the TV screen. The Multi View function can also be useful  , which allows you to split the screen into several independent parts. And finally,  Bixby ,  Google Assistant and  Alexa virtual assistants are provided for voice control .

We also add that in addition to  Dolby Atmos , The Frame 2022 also offers its own  OTS  object-oriented sound technology with a three-dimensional effect.

One of the main features of the TV is the picture mode  Art Mode , decorating the interior in between viewing programs. True, access to the catalog of paintings, numbering more than 1600  known works, is provided by a paid subscription. However, you can also use your own selection of photos for this purpose, for which 6 GB of internal memory is provided.

Design-wise,  The Frame 2022 is as sleek and slim as its 2021 predecessor. It looks especially impressive when wall mounted. By the way, a swivel bracket for this purpose is included in the kit.

An important part of The Frame ‘s aesthetic  is the One Connect plug  -in for all wired connections. The module itself is connected to the TV with one barely visible 5mm cable.


The Frame is height adjustable, which is handy if you place a soundbar in front of the screen. By the way,  Samsung  advises to equip the TV with a soundbar of its own production, since the  Q-Symphony technology with this arrangement makes the two audio systems work as a whole.

New for this year is the ability to change the screen orientation. For this option,  Samsung offers to purchase a separate wall bracket or floor stand with a motorized auto-rotation function.

Additional frames of various styles in more than 40  colors are also available to The Frame  owners  (sold separately). They are attached with magnets and changing them is not difficult. Samsung  even has a dedicated website for this key TV accessory, . 

The Frame 2022 is offered in 6 diagonal sizes – 109 cm, 127 cm, 140 cm, 165 cm, 190 cm and 216 cm. As for prices, for example, for the US market, they range from $ 1,000 for the smallest screen up to 4300 dollars – for the largest.