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The Secret to High Quality Pictures: 3 Innovative Technologies in Neo QLED TVs

Today’s TVs are crammed with all sorts of technologies, and in order to get the best picture quality, it is important not only the number of them, but also the right combination. Resolution, refresh rate, contrast, color gamut, local dimming – these and other functions work in harmony to create a mesmerizing picture on the screen.

The Samsung Neo QLED 2021 TVs represent a real technological breakthrough, forcing viewers to literally immerse themselves in the action, their images are so realistic. This is made possible by a number of innovations at both the hardware and software levels. Three pillars stand out among them – they are  Quantum MiniLED backlighting , Quantum Matrix color rendering technology and a Neo Quantum processor  .

To better understand how these three key building blocks work in TVs, Samsung has prepared a graphic presentation of their principles.

1. Microscopically accurate Quantum MiniLED technology

Neo QLED TVs use a completely new light source in the form of tiny diodes. They are 40 times smaller than their standard counterparts, making them a much denser arrangement with thousands of “light bulbs” at the base of the screen. The result is crisp, detailed images with precise control over backlighting.

To achieve such a dramatic breakthrough, Samsung engineers had to develop a new LED structure, removing the bulky outer lens and replacing it with special internal microlenses that more accurately direct light to the color filter and significantly reduce unwanted leakage to adjacent areas.

2. 4096 gradations of shades for smooth transitions from light to dark tones – Quantum Matrix

Quantum Matrix is ​​another Samsung proprietary technology used in Neo QLED TVs. It delivers 12-bit color depth with 4096 gradations, 4 times the level of conventional 10-bit screens. As a result, the viewers are presented with an amazingly realistic and spectacular image with smooth tonal transitions and rich blacks.

But that’s not all. With more precise control of the backlight amperage, Neo QLED TVs effectively control screen brightness by redistributing electricity from unused dark sectors to active light sectors. The result is high contrast and image clarity.

3. Low-resolution scaling using 16 artificial neural networks – Neo Quantum processor

So, the technologies Quantum MiniLED and Quantum Matrix provide crystal clarity and color saturation of the image. But their work would not have been possible without the powerful Neo Quantum processor based on artificial intelligence. It uses 16 multimodal neural networks simultaneously, capable of converting low-format video signals to impressive cinematic quality in 4K or 8K. For comparison, its predecessor last year worked with only 1 neural network.

The Neo Quantum processor has deep learning capabilities similar to the workings of the human brain, filling missing textures, sharpening contours, sharpening and suppressing noise, whether it’s an SD TV broadcast from a terrestrial broadcast network, an HD / Full HD movie on DVD or Blu-ray or a series from a streaming platform.

Samsung Neo QLED QN900A 8K

And finally, all this splendor is complemented by an incredibly slim and stylish body with a barely noticeable frame, which allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the story that is happening on the screen. And when wall-mounted, the TV looks like a picturesque painting that can perfectly fit into any interior.

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