Thinking about buying a new TV? 4 reasons to buy Samsung Neo QLED

Thinking about buying a new TV? 4 reasons to buy Samsung Neo QLED
Thinking about buying a new TV? 4 reasons to buy Samsung Neo QLED

If you are about to buy a new TV, then this article is exactly what you need. The huge amount of choice on the shelves of electrical stores is often confusing. Models that look similar at first glance turn out to be completely different, but a seemingly good TV turns out to be not so good. We offer you to listen to 4 reasons why you should take a closer look at the Samsung Neo QLED.

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Design is one of the important selection factors. Since the TV is selected for an existing interior, it must be in harmony with both the general atmosphere in the room, and with furniture and other devices. Thanks to modern design: extremely minimalistic appearance, vanishingly small bezels around the image and the minimum thickness of the Samsung Neo QLED case suitable for any interior. The TV screen is covered with a protective anti-reflective glass, so when it is off, it seems that only a barely noticeable line of the side edge frames it.

The thickness of the case over the entire screen area is the same and is only 16.9 mm – if you hang the TV on the wall, it will look like a picture in a thin frame. At the same time, the TV can also be placed on a central stand with a very small base, so that if necessary, it can “fit” even on a very small cabinet.


Traditionally, we expect more from a TV, we need not only a device for watching our favorite movies, but also a universal multimedia center. Samsung Neo QLED runs on a user interface – “Smart Hub”, which is simple and easy to use. The main way to present it is a ribbon menu at the bottom of the screen, on top of the current content. If you select any item in this feed, its submenu opens at the top, for example, the recommended video on Youtube, the main parameters in Settings, etc.

In addition, you can watch content from your smartphone on TV, for this you just need to connect phone to TV and quietly enjoy the multi-screen mode. A built-in TV Samsung Neo QLED Google Voice Assistant opens up even more entertainment options and gives you advanced control over your device.

Thinking about buying a new TV? 4 reasons to buy Samsung Neo QLED
Thinking about buying a new TV? 4 reasons to buy Samsung Neo QLED

Image quality is the main component of any TV. In Samsung Neo QLED It uses an 8K resolution panel with Quantum Mini LED backlight. LEDs here are 40 times smaller than in traditional LED backlighting, which allows you to significantly increase the number of LEDs. What does it give us in the end? Flexibility of highlighting different zones, i.e. each zone is “lit” independently of each other, allowing you to increase the overall contrast. “Smart” backlighting is combined with indescribable clarity and brightness of the picture, thanks to 33 million pixels.

The Neo Quantum Processor 8K, powered by artificial intelligence, also contributes to the common cause. So the TV can qualitatively scale the “regular” video to 8K quality. The deep learning algorithm analyzes the input image and restores the image of detail at the level of each pixel that is missing in the original low-resolution video signal.

Sound quality.

Who would say no to a movie theater right on their couch? Truth is everyone’s dream. Together with Samsung Neo QLEDyou will be able to enjoy great picture with perfect sound like in a movie theater, again and again. The TV speaker system consists of eight low-frequency speakers located at the bottom of the rear side of the case, and four high-frequency speakers hidden behind inconspicuous “grilles” at the back: two on the sides of the TV and two more in the upper corners.

The total power of the built-in audio is 70 W, which allows you to transmit loud, high-quality and very rich sound. Also, the TV is able to track the sound of an object moving on the screen, this is facilitated by the “Samsung Object Tracking Sound Pro” function. With OTS Pro technology, you hear the action exactly where it happens – the sound moves according to the action on the screen. You can feel all the shades of surround dynamic sound.

Note that Samsung Neo QLED TVs are already available for sale. Additional information about Samsung Neo QLED TVs can be obtained on the official website of Samsung.