Best Sony TVs 2022
Best Sony TVs 2022

Top 10 Best Sony TVs 2022

1. Sony KD-65XF9005

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Sony KD-65XF9005. Photo: Sony

Not cheap, but interesting model from Sony. It has a 65-inch OLED-matrix with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, capable of refreshing at 100 Hz and a high brightness of 500 cd / m2. The TV has a huge number of ports and supports many wireless communication protocols. The “smart” component here works on Android, which means that there will be no problems installing third-party applications. But the remote control out of the box is not very convenient for controlling smart TV, however, voice control can help out users.

2. Sony KDL-32WD603

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Sony KDL-32WD603 LED. Photo: Sony

Affordable and high-quality 32-inch model, but not for everyone. It uses an IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. Many competitors now offer FullHD for this price. But the screen has high-quality color reproduction and proprietary Motionflow XR technology, which, albeit programmatically, gives a display refresh at 200 Hz. Smart TV, although it exists, is slow and its functionality is very limited. Moreover, the software version is no longer updated, because the TV was released in 2016. But there is a good built-in sound and Internet access.

3. Sony KD-43XF8096

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Sony KD-43XF8096 LED. Photo: Sony

A high-quality 43-inch model from the Japanese brand, which is one of the most technically advanced devices in the segment. Sony decided not to waste time on trifles and installed an IPS-matrix with a resolution of 4K with a viewing angle of 178 ° and capable of playing video in HDR 10 on the TV. Smart TV here runs on Android and an experienced user can easily customize the TV “for themselves” using third-party programs. However, the manufacturer “did not report” the power and many users complain about the thoughtfulness of the interface and the lag of the shell. And the TV also has Bluetooth, which for some reason cannot work with wireless headphones.

4. Sony KDL-43WF805

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Sony KDL-43WF804 LED. Photo: Sony

43-inch TV with a display resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This is the latest 2018 model that supports HDR 10 wide dynamic range and 178° viewing angles. Smart TV runs on Android, 16 GB drive allows you to install many applications. The “smart” functionality is based on the processor from MTK. And yet, the KDL-43WF805 has voice control, four HDMI ports, support for wired and wireless Internet.

5. Sony KD-55XF7005

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Sony KD-55XF7005 LED. Photo: Sony

Large model TV 2018 model year. The 55-inch IPS panel has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and is capable of playing videos in HDR 10 advanced dynamic tone mapping. In addition, the display features a high brightness of 350 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 3300:1. An expensive model could not do without smart TV – here it runs on Linux. You will not find many applications in the store, but everything you need is there, and many will appreciate the work without brakes and friezes. In the merits of the KD-55XF7005, we will write down the low weight – only 16 kg for 55 inches. True, it was not without nuances – the sound of 20 W is frankly weak for such a large TV, and the lack of USB 3.0 connectors on the modern model looks like savings.

6. Sony KD-55AF8

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Sony KD-55AF8 HDR. Photo: Sony

Another 55-inch model from Sony, but with today’s top specifications. Its main feature was the OLED matrix, with all its pluses and minuses. The display resolution here is 3840×2160 pixels, the color reproduction is one of the best on the market, the brightness is 500 cd/m2, and the black color is truly black. However, some buyers have encountered an unpleasant marriage of a burnt-out strip of pixels that stretches across the entire screen. Apparently, this is a lack of a separate batch of TVs. Android-based smart TV is responsible for the “smart” leaving here – there is a lot of memory and good performance, so there will be no problems in this direction. Of course, the TV has a scattering of ports and there is Internet access via wire and Wi-Fi. By the way, the Sony KD-55AF8 has a good built-in sound at 50 W and deep sound.

7. Sony KD-85XF8596

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Sony KD-85XF8596 LED. Photo: Sony

Giant TV for the price of a used foreign car. Sony KD-85XF8596 differs not only in price and size, but also in its characteristics. It uses a high-end 85-inch IPS-matrix with 4K resolution. The picture can be updated at an honest 100 Hz, which is only available for premium models. Another technology for improving the image is Local dimming – the backlight in this TV is designed so that some of the LEDs can turn off, so that the black color in part of the screen becomes deeper. Smart TV here is based on Android. Some users complain about the thoughtfulness of the TV when switching terrestrial digital television programs. Well, the sound at 20 watts looks very pale, especially for an 85-inch giant. However, many immediately after the purchase will connect external acoustics to this TV.

8. Sony KD-49XF7596

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Sony KD-49XF7596 LED. Photo: Sony

Perhaps this 49-inch model of 2018 can be the choice of a person who is looking for a modern, balanced TV. It uses a high-quality IPS-matrix with a resolution of 4K. However, when buying, we advise you to pay attention to the presence of backlight at the edges of the screen, on some copies it occurs on a dark background. The color reproduction in the KD-49XF7596 does not go into too “warm” or “cold” tone, but produces a smooth picture. Smart TV runs on Android, which means there will be no problems with the software. Like the brakes, the TV has a fairly powerful platform, and the built-in storage has a capacity of 16 GB. By the way, Wi-Fi on the TV works at 5 GHz, which means that the connection will be stable if you have an appropriate router. However, you need to be prepared for a weak sound and not the most convenient control panel.

9. Sony KDL-50WF665

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Sony KDL-50WF665 LED. Photo: Sony

The 50-inch TV looks like a simplified version of the previous Sony. The screen here has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and is made using VA technology, but has good color reproduction. The “smart” functionality of the Sony KDL-50WF665 is based on the Linux operating system, which is good in terms of performance, but does not promise an abundance of software. By the way, some users complain about the limited functionality of the smart TV shell, but it will be impossible for an inexperienced user to get confused in it. The sound of the built-in speakers in the KDL-50WF665 is not outstanding at all – with a power of 10 watts, but loud enough. And yet, the TV has a stand where you can hide the wires from it. In a fairly large model, the manufacturer added only two HDMI and USB.

10. Sony KD-65XG9505

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Sony KD-65XG9505. Photo: Sony

Large panel, new in 2019. KD-65XG9505 despite the high price tag has an IPS-matrix, you will not find any OLED here. Resolution – 3840 × 2160 pixels. The TV supports HDR 10 and Local Dimming technology. However, the picture here is updated at a low frequency of 50 Hz. The TV uses an image processor X1 Ultimate, which should “pull” the image even from a weak source. Smart TV in KD-65XG9505 is based on Android with Google Play app store pre-installed.

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