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Toshiba unveils x8900KE ultra slim OLED TV

Toshiba x8900KE
Toshiba x8900KE

The new 2022 Toshiba x8900KE TV has a wide range of features and a set of technologies aimed at comfort and viewing pleasure. Recall that this year Toshiba TVs have become the official TVs of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022.

ImageThe Toshiba x8900KE blends in seamlessly with the interior thanks to its thinness of only 4.9 mm , which means it can be placed close to the wall.

The screen is built on OLED technology and reproduces an incredibly bright and realistic image. The main advantage of OLED TVs is deep blacks. The screen consists of 8 million individually backlit organic LEDs, “dimming” works pixel by pixel. During the demonstration of black, instead of the usual decrease in the brightness of the LEDs, they are completely turned off.

ImageThe Toshiba x8900KE model is equipped with a 4K REGZA Graphics Engine 4K PRO processor with support for artificial intelligence. It is developed by Toshiba TV engineers to analyze the image and optimize it in seconds using Al Picture Optimizer technology . Based on the content of the frame, it is able to determine one of 11 common scenarios, choose the right quality and get the most out of any picture. The acoustic part of the model supports Dolby Atmos technology , which will help fill the room with surround sound.


If you have a couple of long-awaited PC games saved up for the holidays, it’s time to try them out with the Toshiba x8900KE. We connect the set-top box to the TV and instantly immerse ourselves in exciting adventures or ingenious quests. Fast response times are guaranteed by automatic low latency mode ( ALLM ). It provides the perfect latency setting without FPS loss. By the way, you can spend many hours playing the game without excessive fatigue – it’s all about the reduced level of artificial blue light emission.

ImageWhen playing HDR10+ content, the TV’s processor automatically adjusts the brightness level, and 4K AI Upscale technology will bring the outgoing image closer to 4K level, whatever the input signal. Colorful characters will become even more expressive thanks to support for the Dolby Vision format, capable of transmitting a super-bright picture.

ImageThe operating system for “smart” TVs VIDAA U5.0 will help the user to completely escape from worries and take care of all modern options, such as voice control and search on a universal platform. By the way, if your favorite genre is watching videos from your smartphone or scrolling endlessly through photo albums, Toshiba x8900KE will support this fun as well. Content from a smartphone screen is easily duplicated on a TV screen, and the entire process can be controlled from a mobile device.

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