Truly wireless quad-battery TV unveiled

Truly wireless quad-battery TV unveiled

Displace unveiled a 55-inch 4K OLED TV at CES 2023. It has no wires at all. And if the LG Signature OLED M I talked about earlier has a power cable, it doesn’t.

Displace TV received four batteries at once. They say that their full charge will last for six hours of using the screen every day for a month. Leaves about 7.5 days. At the same time, hot swapping is available without turning off the TV:

This is what a commercial battery should look like. Source: Displace

This panel is also very light – just over 9 kilograms. In fact, it can be carried from one room to another. Now you can watch your favorite series in the toilet if you are very impatient.

The TV is mounted on special rods using vacuum suction cups. If the batteries are completely discharged, then all 9 kg of the panel will fall to the floor.

The price of such a piece is $3000. A set of four panels that can be combined into one large 110-inch 8K panel will cost $9,000. Profitable!

Displace will ship 100 of its panels first. It will happen in December.

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