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ViewSonic introduces a new series of 4K UHD LDP All-in-One Direct View LED Displays

ViewSonic LDP All-in-One Direct View Displays with Advanced LED Assembly Technology
ViewSonic LDP All-in-One Direct View Displays with Advanced LED Assembly Technology

The new series of displays uses Chip-on-Board (COB) Flip-Chip LED technology to deliver 4K UHD resolution, ultra-high contrast, and a wide viewing angle on a 216-inch diagonal . Two LDP displays side by side create a single display area of ​​almost 400 inches diagonally with a 32:9 aspect ratio, setting a new standard for viewing content on the big screen.

The new All-in-One Direct View display series uses an optimized LED assembly technology to deliver 4K UHD resolution, reduced pixel pitch, and ultra-high contrast ratio of 20,000:1 for true-to-life images. A wide 170-degree viewing angle ensures consistent image quality and color reproduction from any position. Two built-in Harman Kardon professional speakers of the latest series are responsible for uncompromisingly high sound quality.

The minimalist LDP 4K series displays with 5mm thin bezels and 35mm thickness blend harmoniously with their surroundings. In addition, they come with a removable control box. By removing the control box from the bottom of the display, the elegant screen-to-body ratio instantly rises to almost 99%, providing a fully immersive experience with a huge image. In addition, the display can be switched to portrait mode for flexible use in creative environments such as galleries and exhibitions.

The LDP 4K series displays come in an All-in-One design for ease of installation and use. One device integrates a huge screen, image stitching technology, power supply and control system, so it can be installed by just two people within two hours.

For maintenance, hot-swapping of modules and the control system is supported from the front of the display without affecting its other components. What’s more, the optimized assembly technology provides the LED modules with improved protection against moisture, dust and shock, enhancing the display’s durability.

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