webOS 22 and how it differs from webOS 6.0

webOS 22 and how it differs from webOS 6.0

At the very beginning of 2022, LG presented its updated operating system labeled webOS 22. As we recall, in 2021 this system was called webOS 6.0. Where did this jump in versions come from?

It turns out that the previous numeric version style has been replaced with a version name that indicates the year this operating system was developed and implemented in LG devices. Since it is 2022, the operating system is also number 22. Now let’s try to figure out how webOS 22 differs from webOS 6.0 OS.

LG reveals its 2022 smart TV lineup and webOS 22 update
LG reveals its 2022 smart TV lineup and webOS 22 update

webOS 22 and webOS 6.0 differences

All new 2022 models will support webOS 22. The user interface (UI) is similar to the 2021 interface, but with the new ability to configure up to six different user profiles based on browsing templates. That is, the system will take into account the user’s preferences and issue recommendations based on them.

Room-to-Room Share

In the second half of 2022, it is planned to launch the “Room-to-Room Share” function, which will be added to the OS to provide the ability to receive a signal from sources such as a cable box or satellite TV. It will be possible to transmit a signal from one TV to another, which is in any other room.

This way, viewers can tune in to their subscription or premium live TV service right away without the need for sharing, which often requires rent. This option will also allow you to change channels on both TVs.

Ambient Mode

LG also provides Ambient Mode. Only some TV models are equipped with this mode. Ambient Mode will display clocks, art, personal photos, and special animations. This function takes place when the TV screen is not being used to watch TV programs.

Updated LG Magic Remote

Also in 2022, all LG TVs, except for the entry-level TVs, will be equipped with an updated LG Magic Remote with built-in microphones for voice control platforms. This remote control will be able to voice control the program guide and webOS settings. Some Step-Up TVs will be equipped with far-field microphones for voice commands.

1M HomeDance

This application is for those who want to learn to dance like their idol. The training is handled by a K-Pop group owned by 1Million Dance Studio. The application offers many different lessons that will later help a beginner dancer to improve in the accuracy of movements.

The application has a Camera Mode option that will help the user understand how he performs the movements correctly. In the same application, many dance numbers are available for viewing.


LIVENow is an app for fans of live events. These events include sports, various shows, concert broadcasts and other high-profile events. The main feature is that you can not only watch all these events live, but also immediately discuss them or share your impressions with the same fans from all over the world.


The Independa app is designed to help the elderly at a distance. We have said more than once in our articles that it is possible to use the webOS platform on an intellectual level. This circumstance allows an elderly person to easily contact their guardian via chat and start a video conversation.

In addition, Independa has many professional specialist services. Having entered the service menu, the user has access to such services as educational advice on medicine, a list of pharmacies with a discount discount, video consultation on dentistry, fitness programs for the elderly and other services.

LG Fitness

The LG Fitness app is primarily intended for daily sports training. LG Fitness offers some of the suggested exercise patterns for the consumer. In addition to the recommendations of the service, you can create your own training scheme. In this case, the training results and user activity will be displayed on the application panel.

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