What is the most popular 8K TV screen size?

What is the most popular 8K TV screen size

The popularity of 8K TVs is growing, and the 165cm diagonal is the most popular among them. This is reported by analysts at the DSCC, who predict an explosive demand for super-high-definition screens over the coming years.

For example, sales of 8K TVs are expected to more than double in 2022 compared to 2021, from 500,000 units to 1,400,000 units. For 2023, this figure is projected at more than 2 million units, and for 2024 – at more than 3 million. units.

Currently, the 165-centimeter diagonal is the most popular among 8K TVs, and this situation will continue in the coming years, according to the DSCC. And there is a reason for this. Recall that 8K resolution is four times more detailed than 4K, but the human eye is only able to perceive such a difference on a large screen, such as 165 cm and above.

img 6134e4d9a33eaForecast of sales of 8K TVs in the context of various diagonal sizes

As for TVs with a smaller diagonal, 140 cm, many experts believe that 8K is overkill for them. But they also have their own buyer. These are those who want to get acquainted with new technology, saving on costs, or those who simply need to have a TV with the most advanced features. DSCC analysts predict that demand for 140cm 8K TVs will remain roughly flat in the coming years.

img 6134e4d9d2275Samsung QE65QN900A Neo QLED 8K

However, many potential buyers may have doubts about whether the 165cm diagonal is enough to experience all the splendor of 8K. More solid 190 cm or even 216 cm screens are capable, in general, of delivering even more detailed and impressive images. This issue is more in the economic plane, according to the DSCC. First, small screens are more affordable. Secondly, the production and logistics infrastructure is already adapted to the large volume of production and supply of 8K 165cm TVs.

However, the general upward trend in demand for large screens is unrelenting. Within 2-3 years, the larger 8K TVs in aggregate will begin to surpass the 165th diagonal in terms of sales.

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