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What to look for when choosing a new TV in 2023

It is difficult to imagine a modern apartment or house without a TV. It has not been a device only for watching movies for a long time. Current TV models are capable of displaying photos and videos from smartphones and laptops. In a couple of clicks on Smart TV or YouTube, you can find your favorite series or podcasts. And you can not do without games on the console, which are so loved by children and adults!

Maximum Full HD: which TV to buy in 2022

If for watching a TV show a high-quality picture on the display is just a nice addition, then in game strategies and while streaming movies, it is very important to see a detailed, deep and clear image.

This article covers the main options for choosing a quality TV and provides some examples of great models to buy.

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What to look for when choosing a new TV in 2023

There are dozens of TVs in stores. They have a variety of characteristics that are important to focus on in order to make a good choice.

  • Pay attention to products from world famous brands: LG, Samsung, Sharp, Philips. Well-known manufacturers care about their own reputation, so TVs are long and productive.
  • The size and diagonal of the device should be chosen based on the parameters of the room. For a spacious living room , 43-50-inch TVs are suitable , and for a children’s room, a 32-inch model is enough.
  • A high-quality and clear picture is the most important parameters for modern TV. The optimal resolution option is Full HD and FHD +, which are also used in models with a budget price tag. To watch TV shows and movies, a refresh rate of 50-60 Hz is enough. But for games with high graphics requirements – 120 Hz.

We have selected the top 3 quality Full HD TVs that were popular among buyers in 2022.

Samsung UE43T5300

A model that combines an affordable price, high image quality and incredible ergonomics of details.

  • PurColor technology delivers true-to-life color reproduction.
  • Using the Ultra Clean View function, you can avoid defects and artifacts in the image.
  • The Smart Hub interface and One Remote allow you to set up your game console and download the necessary applications in minutes.


Philips 32PFS6805/12

Watch your favorite films. Play exciting strategies. Enjoy perfect sound and picture quality with a modern brand-name TV.

  • The control panel in SAPHI OS provides access to any content in a couple of clicks. A clear menu with quick search makes using the TV much easier.
  • Pixel Plus HD is a processor that delivers flawless picture clarity and the highest levels of contrast.
  • Minimum input lag allows you to use the TV for gaming battles.


Realme RMT102

An ultra-modern TV that will immerse you in a world of incredible content.

  • The bright LED display with bezel-less design delivers deep colors.
  • HDR technology expands the color range that the viewer sees on the screen. Therefore, the smallest details hidden in the shadows will be available for viewing.
  • Two pairs of powerful 24W speakers with Dolby Audio deliver clear and immersive sound.

Budget and high-quality TV with Full HD is the key to interesting and enjoyable leisure time at home.

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