What TV to choose in 2023? Top 8 most modern TVs this year

How to choose a TV in 2023? Top 8 most modern TV for every taste
How to choose a TV in 2023? Top 8 most modern TV for every taste

Perhaps the fastest growing class of equipment today is televisions and displays. Devices make quantum leaps in quality almost every year – so those who want to choose TV for their home today will have somewhere to roam.

We’ve rounded up eight of the most spectacular TVs for you as of summer 2023.


8.Hisense A6H

best cheap tv

Type – LED | Panel – IPS | Resolution – 4K | Diagonals – 43″ 50″ 55″ 65″ 70″ 75″

Pros – affordable price, good quality

Cons – no extended color palette

Verdict – the choice of economical hosts

Hisense A6H is a great example of a jack-of-all-trades. The model starts from a diagonal size of 43”, and the older device in the line boasts as much as a 75” display. The price will please even the most zealous hosts – and even the lack of a local dimming option does not seem to be something disappointing here. The 4K IPS panel is a proven classic that can satisfy even the discerning cinephile. The disadvantages here, except perhaps in Dolby Vision, HDR – formats are supported, but without extended color gamut they do not reveal all their advantages. But Google TV OS will offer a lot of applications for everyone and everyone.


7. TCL 5 Series/S555 QLED

best budget tv

Type – LED | Panel – VA | Resolution – 4K | Diagonals – 50″ 55″ 65″ 75″

Pros – excellent picture, high brightness

Cons – only 60 Hz sweep

Verdict – a solid budget device

The budget TCL 5 Series has diagonals from 50 to 75 inches, its own matrix local dimming system, a modern VA 4K panel and really high brightness in SDR mode. If you’re a gamer, then the model will not be a priority due to the 60 Hz scan, but in all other cases, this TV seems to be a very good choice. For such quality a few years ago they asked twice as much money. The icing on the cake is Roku OS with tons of streaming options.


6.Hisense U8H

the best TV for those who want to spend less and get more

Type – LED | Panel – VA | Resolution – 4K | Diagonals – 55″ 65″ 75″

Pros – Mini LED local dimming

Cons – nothing major

Verdict – the best choice

Hisense U8H is one of the most balanced price/quality models on the market. The device offers a stunning high level of brightness, so this TV is suitable for viewing even in a sun-drenched room. Local dimming of Mini LED, at the same time, guarantees sufficient (for LCD TV) depth of the black field – so, in the evenings, you will also not be disappointed with the quality of the picture, the model achieves a movie theater effect. The correctness of the color palette, again, is on top, and it’s hard to complain about the Google TV OS.


5. TCL 6-Series Roku TV

best tv for gamers

Type – LED | Panel – VA | Resolution – 4K | Diagonals – 55″ 65″ 75″

Pros – 120Hz sweep

Cons – not always ideal work in HDR

Verdict is another step forward for TCL

Finally, 120 Hz sweep – fans of video games will be satisfied. In addition, the TCL 6-Series is also the highest contrast ratio with the proprietary Contrast Control Zones algorithm, very high brightness and the Roku TV reference operating system. You can blame the model only for sometimes not too correct work in HDR; too much brightness is good for games, but in movies it may require additional adjustment.



best TV for OLED fans

Type – OLED | Panel – WOLED | Resolution – 4K | Diagonals – 42″ 48″ 55″ 65″ 77″ 83″

Pros – reference black color

Cons – brightness is not the highest

Verdict – Super-perfect OLED can turn your head

“Real” black is the creed and the main advantage of OLED technology. LG’s latest generation of devices, the C2 OLED, offers not only an infinite dark field, but also a fairly high (albeit still incomparable to LCD competitors) brightness. At the same time, the LG C2 OLED is relatively inexpensive by the standards of this technology and offers a fantastic spectacular picture in movies, video games, and sports broadcasts. If you have a larger budget, you can consider a brighter model from the LG C3 OLED series.


3. Samsung QN90B QLED

best advanced tv

Type – LED | Panel – VA | Resolution – 4K | Diagonals – 43″ 50″ 55″ 65″ 75″ 85″

Pros – Ideal for heavily lit rooms, 120Hz

Cons – although black is good (Mini LED), it is not ideal

Verdict – the universal TV of “tomorrow”

Can QLED compete with OLED? In some ways, yes, especially if we have a Samsung QN90B QLED in front of us. This device shows incredibly cool, provides reference brightness and excellent black color (thanks to Mini LED technology). The 4K 120Hz HDMI 2.1 port is the choice of true gamers, while screen sizes up to 85″ will satisfy even those who have considered buying a projector as an alternative.


2. Sony A95K OLED

best tv for dc

Type – OLED | Panel – QD-OLED | Resolution – 4K | Diagonals – 55″ 65″

Pros – QD-OLED grabs a star from the sky!

Cons – price

Verdict – one of the best devices on the market

QD-OLED technology is the cutting edge of modern progress. This type of matrix (as in the Samsung S95B OLED described below) guarantees a synthesis of the advantages of two approaches (infinite black for OLED and the highest brightness for LED). Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+ movies on the Sony A95K OLED inspire “shock and awe” – really, you can’t imagine anything better to expect.


1.Samsung S95B OLED

best high end tv

Type – OLED | Panel – QD-OLED | Resolution – 4K | Diagonals – 55″ 65″

Pros – a reference image in every sense

Cons – as usual – price

Verdict – QD-OLED performs best in 2023

Another celebration of new technologies. The Samsung S95B OLED uses the same QD-OLED sensor as the Sony A95K OLED. Reaching an incredible depth of black and stunning with its brightness, the model literally blows out of the chair. The icing on the cake is Tizen OS with lots of streaming apps and 120Hz. The screen would only be bigger, but then the price would go off scale.