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What was discussed at the Samsung Unbox & Discover event?

What was discussed at the Samsung Unbox & Discover event?
What was discussed at the Samsung Unbox & Discover event?

Yesterday Samsung held a virtual presentation called  Unbox & Discover (literally – “we open the package and look inside”), which demonstrated TVs, soundbars and other novelties of the Korean company. In this brief review, we will introduce readers to its materials.

Neo QLED 8K: the best gets even better

The Neo QLED 8K  lineup  received another update this year that takes it to an even higher level,  Samsung says . The main merit in this belongs to the  Neural Quantum 8K processor , which now uses 20 separate neural networks, each of which independently analyzes and processes the incoming video signal, and together they provide optimal image quality regardless of the source.

There is also another technological innovation associated with the processor called the  Real  Depth  Enhancer . This function scans the image and emphasizes the foreground objects without affecting the background, thus giving it depth and three-dimensionality. In the same way, human vision perceives the surrounding world in real life, which became the basis for this development.

Samsung  is  also proud to announce that all  2022  QLED  TVs have received Pantone Validated certification , proving their ability to authentically reproduce over 2,000  colors and 110  human skin tones. And the new  EyeComfort mode makes them enjoyable to watch by automatically adjusting image brightness and color temperature based on ambient light levels.

Dolby Atmos Surround Sound 

To achieve the effect of deep immersion is possible only if the image is accompanied by high-quality sound. The Neural Quantum 8K processor analyzes the content shown on the screen in real time and, using the  Adaptive  Sound  function, ensures that the audio track is in perfect synchronization with the video using different speakers of the audio system.

For example, this year’s  flagship QN900B  offers a powerful 6.2.4 channel configuration , including height channels, for  Dolby Atmos and  Object Tracking Sound Pro surround sound . Another  Voice Tracking Sound technology analyzes the voices of the characters and locates them in those parts of the screen where they come from in the story.

This year’s Neo QLED TVs  also have Dolby Atmos wireless decoding  . Now they can send high-quality sound to an external audio system, such as the  Samsung Ultra Slim soundbar , and the whole layout will have a nice aesthetic look.

Smart features

Samsung  ‘s 2022 TVs  are even smarter and can become the central hub in your home for controlling gadgets and appliances, video games, fitness, work, and more.

New smart hub. This year, the interface of the Tizen platform has been updated. Now its main page organizes content and features into three categories: media, game hub, ambient.

Media. It contains recommendations for viewing programs, selected depending on the user’s preferences.

Game hub. This section will collect games on the cloud platform as a result of cooperation with  Nvidia GeForce Now ,  Stadia  and  Utomik . The list of providers will expand,  Samsung says .

Ambient. With the help of this section, users can improve the aesthetics of their interior, for example, by displaying a screen saver to match the color of the wallpaper or a painting.

Game characteristics. For high-quality gaming, the new  Neo QLED  TVs offer  HDMI 2.1 support ,  Motion Xcelerator Turbo , 144Hz refresh rate, widescreen display, and a quick access panel for gaming settings.

By the way,  Samsung  shared the secret that they are preparing a special series of compact gaming TVs with a diagonal from 109 cm to 127 cm.

Samsung Health. Users of the new TVs will find a wide variety of exercises for fitness and wellness. You can easily follow your progress on the big screen by syncing with other devices such as your smartphone and smartwatch.

SmartThings. This program is designed to connect as many devices as possible throughout the home into a single ecosystem. With  SmartThings,  you can conveniently control other devices and gadgets on one big screen.
NFT. In partnership with  Nifty  Gateaway,  Samsung is launching an NFT platform  for  sharing digital art right on your TV screen.

Ecology, accessories

Samsung continues to pursue its multi-year green strategy. In the production of new TVs, this means reducing the amount of paint on packaging by 90%, eliminating the use of metal clips in it, and switching to recycled plastic. And rechargeable remote controls are powered by solar energy and do not require toxic batteries.

A range of new TV accessories are available to help users meet their individual needs.

Wall Mount Slim Fit. This bracket is designed to fit the TV as closely as possible to the wall, creating a beautiful aesthetic appearance. But if you want, you can also rotate the TV for a comfortable view.

Studio stand. Add elegance and mobility to your TV.

Stand with auto rotation. Previously, only The Sero had the ability to change the screen orientation  . But now you can automatically rotate the screen on the new  Neo QLED 8K TVs too  with a new motorized stand that can be used on the floor or on the wall.

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