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What’s the difference between OLED Evo and OLED EX?

OLED Evo and OLED EX - differences
OLED Evo and OLED EX - differences

In 2022, TV series such as the LG C2 and LG G2 will come with an OLED Evo (Evolution) panel. It is immediately worth noting that the peak brightness in these TVs will be different. The brightness parameter will depend not only on which series you have in front of you (LG C2 or LG G2).

TVs of the same series will have a different maximum brightness value depending on the size of the screen diagonal. What you need to know when choosing LG C2 and LG G2 TVs with OLED Evo panel in 2022.

LG C2 and LG G2 OLED Evo with different brightness

Before continuing, it should be immediately noted that this article is more news than technical. That is, the peak brightness values ​​below were provided by the company itself, and not measured in the test. It is possible that in reality these figures will be slightly different from the declared ones.

The LG G2

The LG G2

OLED Evo (Evolution) panels debuted in 2021 in the LG G1 Gallery OLED TVs . A year later, it became known that the C1 series from LG was also equipped with newer panels, which from a certain production date began to be produced mainly in China (Guangzhou). However, the owners of C1 could not claim to increase the brightness.

The exception would be if they dug deep into the C1 menu settings and didn’t “turn” it into a G1. However, such a move would certainly create warranty issues. The LG OLED 2022 line now uses the Evo panel in addition to the G2 and the C2 series. This panel is fundamentally different from the OLED EX panel from the same company LG Display.

OLED Evo and OLED EX – differences

OLED Evo panels achieve increased brightness by optimizing the software and hardware of conventional WRGB OLED displays. All this is not at all related to “EX technology”, which actually has nothing to do with the recently released OLED EX panels from LG Display.

If a manufacturer talks about an EX-panel, then we are talking about a “new” generation of OLED panels with deuterium. These panels will only be available for mass production from Q2 2022. This circumstance will also cause some OLED series to be delayed. EX panels achieve an increase in brightness thanks to a new component.

Also, the brightness level can be improved through design techniques and software optimizations. So far, it has been stated that only Philips/TP Vision will use this technology in their select OLED TVs.

Peak brightness depends on the series and diagonal sizes

If the buyer set out to buy an LG TV in 2022 with an OLED Evo panel, then in this case he should not make hasty decisions. As mentioned above, the level of peak brightness in these TVs is noticeably different. Here’s what to look out for.



LG OLED 2022 TVs received two additional panels with diagonals of 42 and 97 inches. LG C2 series consists of TVs: OLED42C2, OLED48C2, OLED55C2, OLED65C2, OLED77C2, OLED83C2. The LG G2 series consists of TVs: OLED55G2, OLED65G2, OLED77G2, OLED83G2, OLED97G2.

Although all of the above TVs have received an OLED Evo display, there will be no increase in peak brightness in TVs with diagonals of 42 and 48 inches. Peak brightness in these models will remain at the level of last year’s C1 TVs.

However, these models will also be positioned like the rest of the OLED Evo TVs listed above. Therefore, if the buyer set out to buy a 48-inch TV with OLED Evo display capabilities, then it is better not to look for it among LG TVs. It is possible that in this case, his choice will be the Philips 48OLED807 TV or Sony 48A90K.

Brightness in OLED Evo

LG G2 will become brighter by 20 percent

We just dealt with the small diagonals that are present in the C2 series. But that’s not all. If, for example, we compare the LG C2 and LG G2 series of 2022, then the peak brightness of the former will be 20 percent weaker. From this we can conclude that the LG G2 will exceed the brightness level of 1000 nits for the first time. As you can see, it can be not only in the design of the panel or the image processor.

LG introduces a new concept, which it called “Brightness Enhancer”. It turns out that this parameter can also depend on the design. Models of the G2 series from LG are equipped with a special radiator, which is able to “extinguish” the heat emanating from the panel itself. This circumstance also affects the fact that the risk of damage to the ODED screen is noticeably reduced. That is, the risk of getting a temporary or permanent “burn” is much less.

The result is that the brightness of the LG C2 will reach the level of brightness of last year’s LG G1. In 2021, this value was no more than 820 nits. It follows that all G2 Gallery OLED Evo TVs have top performance without exception.

Similar series from other manufacturers that also feature a heatsink are the Sony A90K and Panasonic LZ2000 TVs . Their peak brightness should not be lower. It is not yet possible to compare the A90K, LZ2000 and G2 from LG. The main reason is the lack of prices and the start of sales of each series.

Brightness in OLED Evo

To summarize, let’s compare the OLED series with the Evo 2022 panel. First of all, you should understand that in OLED EX TVs, the brightness is increased by deuterium. This is a new component for the production of organic light emitting diodes. In OLED Evo TVs, brightness is enhanced by panel design and software.

The C2 OLED Evo, unlike the G2 OLED Evo, has 42-inch and 48-inch TVs, but no 97-inch TVs. OLED42C2 and OLED48C2 TVs have the same peak brightness as LG C1 TVs. The LG C2 is 30 percent brighter than last year’s LG C1. Now it has the same peak brightness as last year’s G1 series. The peak brightness of the LG G2 is increased by 20 percent compared to the C2 series.

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