Which OLED TV to buy in 2022-2023

Which OLED TV to buy in 2022-2023
Which OLED TV to buy in 2022-2023

Looking to buy an OLED TV? Why OLED? When should you not buy an OLED TV? Which OLED TV to choose so as not to overpay extra money? What Mistakes Should I Avoid When Buying an OLED? In other words, here is a quick guide to buying an OLED in 2022-2023, which outlines the most basic criteria that should not be forgotten.

Which OLED TV to buy in 2022-2023

To choose the right OLED TV, first of all, you need to clearly know what you are mainly going to use this TV for. That is, what content you are going to watch on this TV most often. Some people like to watch sports, others like movies in home theater mode, others are addicted to streaming services, and others like to play computer games.

Second in importance is the question of where you are going to place your OLED TV. It’s about how lit the room is, and what time of day you’re going to use the OLED TV. From these two questions a third arises. Is it possible to save money on buying an OLED TV?

Of course, you can, if you first decide on the first two questions. Unlike the events of five years ago, in 2022 the choice of OLED TVs is quite extensive and affordable. Previously, OLED TVs had almost the same picture quality.

Differences could be found in sound characteristics or other equipment not related to picture quality. For example, different SmartTVs. In 2022, in addition to WOLED TVs with three panel options from LG, a new QD-OLED technology has appeared on sale , which will also be mentioned.


Is OLED burn-in worth worrying about in 2022?

In short, the risk of burn-in of OLED TVs in 2022 is minimized. This does not mean that it does not exist at all. It all depends on how you use your OLED TV. Usually everything starts with fairy tales, and then these fairy tales turn into reality. In the case of burn-in / after-image / screen burn, everything is exactly the opposite.

That is, since 2015, screen burn-in has indeed been a serious problem. Starting in 2019, this problem gradually began to become a fairy tale. Companies producing OLED TVs have learned to “treat this ailment.” In addition to technologies for self-cleaning the screen from afterimage, there are functions that solve this problem at the pixel level.

One option is when the tracking system detects areas with a static image, and dims the screen in these places. When watching movies, television programs, gaming, the probability of screen burn-in is at the level of one percent. This is provided that you do not use the TV for 20 hours a day.

The biggest risk of screen burn will be if you buy an OLED TV and constantly use it as a computer monitor, which usually turns on in the morning and turns off before bedtime. The desktop of a computer is one example of a static image that a user sees every day.

Another cause of burn-in on the display of OLED TVs can be computer games. But then again… Not every game can leave a burn on an OLED screen. Even if this happens, it is possible to try running a screen cleaner. In most other cases, the risk of getting a “burn” is minimized.

Viewing OLED in a dark/bright room

If, for example, you buy an LG OLED TV for daytime viewing in a heavily lit room, then such a purchase can be considered in vain. Firstly, the endless contrast that these TVs are so famous for will not fully manifest itself.

The highlight of these TVs is to accurately reproduce the colors, and not fight with excessive sunlight. Secondly, the OLED TV screen is not able to absorb solar glare and reflections. For a very bright room, it is best to purchase an LCD TV with an anti-reflective coating and a good margin of brightness.

Screen brightness and size

Another of the mistakes when choosing an OLED TV is to pay attention to the small difference in performance. At the same time, the buyer may not notice that there are such parameters that you should definitely pay attention to. For example, screen size.

In the article Mistakes when buying a TV on the website, it was already explained that the larger the screen size, the greater the immersion in the image. Many people know that the OLED screen appeared first, then the OLED evo with increased brightness, and then the OLED EX appeared , which has even higher brightness.

Samsung A95B
Samsung S95B

But this is not the limit. QD-OLED TVs such as the Samsung S95B and Sony A95K are considered the brightest. However, the question is whether such brightness is always needed. Such bright phenomena as fireworks, the sun’s rays, the brilliance of neon headlights and others, we have not seen in the cinema for so long.

Moreover, if the user is constantly watching movies in a dark room, then he does not need such a margin of peak brightness as in the Samsung S95B. You should also consider the fact that the S95B and A95K OLED TV series are limited to 65 inches in 2022.

If you buy a 77-inch LG OLED77B2 model for almost the same money , you will benefit from the effect of immersion in what is happening on the screen. But this is provided that you most often watch TV in a dark or slightly darkened room. All this to the fact that the size of the screen is of great importance.

WOLED or QD-OLED. What to choose

Which is better to buy: QD-OLED or WOLED? As mentioned above, to date, QD-OLED TVs are represented by only four models. The maximum diagonal size is 65 inches. If you need a larger diagonal, then the choice will definitely be in favor of WOLED.

If you want a model no larger than 65 inches, then there are a couple of nuances that make it clear that QD-OLED TVs dominate WOLED to some extent. QD-OLED TVs have a good margin of brightness. Such brightness can only be found in LG G2 models that have an OLED Evo panel and are equipped with a heatsink.

The same brightness can be achieved by the Sony A90K or Panasonic LZ2000 series . The second plus is the fact that Samsung Display got rid of all the dirty screens. The expression “dirty screen” means the following. This is a DSE affected screen. Dirty parts of the screen begin to appear if you turn on the 15% gray fill on it.

The Sony A90K
The Sony A90K

There is one more nuance that most WOLED TVs have. It’s pink on white. This effect may sometimes appear when viewing the screen at an angle. This has not yet been observed on WOLED TVs. It is also worth noting here that this is the first year when Samsung Display’s sales volumes can be called a trial batch.

It is half a million panels. Whether the company will be able to keep its panels as clean when mass-producing displays remains to be seen. On the other hand, these little things should be taken into account only if the price of WOLED and QD-OLED is the same.

Application of OLED TV

Almost at the very beginning of the article, it was said that before choosing a TV, you need to decide for what purposes you are mainly going to use this TV. First, select the desired brightness. Then the diagonal of the screen, and then it all depends on the use.

If the TV is needed mainly for computer games, then LG TVs will be the best choice. For terrestrial/cable television and movie streaming services, Sony is the better choice. These TVs have excellent image scaling and low upscaling.

For watching action movies and sports shows, your best bet is to buy the Samsung S95B or LG’s OLED. These TVs have excellent motion interpolation. However, keep in mind that the S95B is not equipped with the Dolby Vision standard.

Don’t buy OLED if…

Cases when you should not buy OLED, but give preference to LCD TVs, have already been mentioned. It remains only to repeat them. The first case is if an OLED TV is always used instead of a PC monitor. In this case, the risk of screen burn-in is much greater.

If the preference for OLED screens as a display still remains, then it is better to look at monitors with OLED panels, and not TVs. For the same reason, you shouldn’t buy an OLED TV just for gaming. Some games have a static image that can burn your screen.

The third option is to use an OLED TV in a heavily lit room. In this case, you will not get the picture quality that an OLED TV is capable of reproducing. For a heavily lit room, it is best to purchase an LCD TV with a large margin of brightness and anti-reflective coating.