MSI G27C4 E2 Review: Packed with all the Necessary Features

MSI G27C4 E2
MSI G27C4 E2
Tech Week Score
Tech Week Score

MSI is one of those firms that usually bring solutions for gamers in terms of monitors, obviously there are many firms that have their own creations that are the same or perhaps better, however, they have gained ground in such a competitive market that every year it brings out new alternatives Of course, there will also be categories, that is, we find low, medium and high-end options.

On this occasion we bring one belonging to the mid-range input that offers good features for the average gamer, we are talking about the MSI G27C4 E2 that if we refer to its performance it will be good, especially if we compare it with its price that seems acceptable to us, that Yes, for obvious reasons we find some disadvantages that are normal, but we think they are important to mention so that you can make the best decision.

Exterior design of the MSI G27C4 E2

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We have a monitor with a nice design that we like for the simplicity that it maintains in its construction

Aesthetically we receive a pleasant construction that maintains a design according to what is expected for a monitor of its style. We are not saying that it is the most impressive appearance that we have seen, but it has certain details that make it pleasant , although everything depends on taste and perhaps you have a different opinion about the design.

From our point of view, it looks certainly elegant due to the black chassis that has a matte finish, improving the style and offering a better presence. We are facing a 27-inch monitor that due to its size we can adapt it in any environment, we can even use the VESA for a better placement.

We like the front for its slightly thin bezels that stand out more due to the curved screen that adapts, which provides a different appearance and that for many is better , but we repeat the paragraphs above, everyone has their tastes. The rear part also seems pleasant to us because of its simplicity and cleanliness that give a better order.


We only found the essential ports, although perhaps they could have included some extra options that are not a major expense and if we see them in other models that are from their competition. In this case, there are two HDMI 1.4b inputs that by version offer an acceptable experience, although the maximum frequency will be 144 Hz .

So how do you get the 170 Hz frequency listed in your specs? Well, for that we must make use of DisplayPort 1.2a , however, you must take into account that device compatibility is less, and that sometimes becomes a disadvantage. Although the new devices are already beginning to integrate it.

It has an audio output that gets more relevance due to the lack of speakers on the monitor. Through this connection, headphones or external speakers can be used to extract the audio from certain devices that do not have sound either. And these will be the only physical connections that will be available on the monitor.

Image quality and functions in general

The MSI G27C4 E2 has more than acceptable image, although it shoots more for regular. This is because it has a good optimization, but it is not the best. It has a Full HD resolution that is good for viewing any content, especially if it is native. However, we must take into account other details for the final result.

For example, the backlight that is W-LED , which has disadvantages in very dark or bright environments, however, we did not consider it as a negative point either, since most low- and medium-range monitors integrate this backlight. It offers a VA panel that delivers higher levels of brightness and contrast.

However, there will still be negative points, for example, the viewing angles, in addition, the color will not be as accurate. Its 1500R curved screen provides better immersion when viewing content, yes, it does not have image enhancement technologies , so we can only adjust certain essential parameters from the menu.

The features that it integrates are more focused on gaming, here the most interesting thing is AMD FreeSync Premium that allows you to enjoy fluid games, without interruptions and without tears. It offers a 1ms response time that eliminates screen tearing and choppy frame rates to your advantage.

As in most cases, features are offered to protect your eyes through anti-flicker and low blue light . The purpose is to play for several hours without extreme fatigue, although we always recommend taking breaks of at least 10 minutes.

Is it worth buying?

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By characteristics it offers an acceptable performance to play at a quality and speed above average

With everything mentioned, it is clear to us that the MSI G27C4 E2 is an ideal option for those who want to start the gaming world. The quality and performance that you will receive will be acceptable thanks to its characteristics. It also becomes interesting because of its price, which seems really affordable to us, in fact, it barely exceeds 200 euros.

It may seem like an excellent option, but as we always say, it is better that you review your needs well so that you choose the monitor well. Our idea is that you acquire the best option based on your true expectations.

MSI G27C4 E2: Pros and Cons


  • Design
  • connectivity
  • Image
  • AMD FreeSync Premium
  • Price


  • No imaging technologies
  • It does not have speakers



Make model MSI G27C4 E2
Size 27″ (68.5cm)
Resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Frequency 170 Hz (hertz)
backlight W-LED
Response time 1ms
screen type GOES
screen shape Curve
Sound No
market positioning Gaming
  • 1X DisplayPort 1.2a
  • 2X HDMI 1.4b
  • 1X audio output
Dimensions without stand (H x W x D)
Dimensions with stand (H x W x D)
VESA compatibility 100x100mm

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