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iPad Air 5: Will be more powerful than ever!

Ipad air 5

The first three generations of iPad Air followed a similar design, but the iPad Air 4 redefined the entire series, transforming the Air from an entry-level model to an iPad Pro Lite tablet. The 2020 iPad Air showcased modern design, high performance, and a side-mounted fingerprint reader from store shelves, omitting a few premium features to keep the iPad Pro the best tablet ever.

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So what does the iPad Air 5 have to offer? Another design update? Screen development? An additional camera? Since there are no rumors about the tablet yet, we simply have nothing to discuss with you regarding the future tablet. However, we can put together a wishlist for Apple’s next-gen mid-range tablet.

Our ideas boil down to fixing a few omissions in the iPad Air 4, we have ideas for new features that the current generation is missing, and more.


The source claims that Apple will launch a new iPad Air in 2022 with a 10.9-inch OLED panel. Moreover, on April 20, Apple is likely to present the new iPad Pro and iPad Mini 6.

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  • What is it? New generation of Apple tablets;
  • When to expect? At the end of 2021 or 2022;
  • How much is? About 599 $;


Apple iPad Air

Generally, Apple doesn’t stick to an annual release schedule with the iPad Air line, but we could at least assume that the new tablet doesn’t have to wait until October 2021, which is at least a year since the iPad Air 4 was released.

However, the next iPad Air may come out at a later date, so if you’re thinking about buying a new tablet now, the iPad Air 4 is the most up-to-date model for almost a year.

The latest iPad Air 4 is priced at $ 599 for the 64GB physical storage model, with further increases in the price of additional storage and cellular connectivity. We expect the price of the iPad Air 5 to remain at the same level.


We’ve heard very little about the new iPad Air 5 at this stage, but one source claims that the company’s next Air tablet is planned for early 2022 with a 10.9-inch OLED display.

The size is the same as the current iPad Air 4, but the screen technology is different as current models use an LCD panel. Switching to OLED can lead to increased contrast and color beats, among other benefits.

However, since only one source spoke up, we do not forget to be skeptical about the information, and if the tablet is not released before 2022, with some probability, the iPad Air 6 may come instead.


Here’s what we want to see in the next iPad Air.


Best iPad Air 4 (2020)

The iPad Air 4 is available in two storage options: 64GB, which is hardly enough for most users; and 256 GB, which are significantly more expensive.

Most tablets come to the market with 128GB, which is why they fit most, and work great with iCloud (or another cloud storage of your choice) if you use.

We would like the iPad Air 5 to offer 128GB of storage in its base configuration, while Apple is long overdue for the 64GB models. The latter volume may remain acceptable for entry-level iPads, but not for those users investing in an iPad Air.


We had issues with the front camera on the iPad Air 4 – the 7MP sensor just isn’t good for video calls, selfies, and video recording.

Increasing the sensor to 10 or 12 megapixels will make the selfie camera more useful. Better yet, if Apple included front-facing camera technology on the iPhone.


We were delighted to see Apple offer the iPad Air 4 in a variety of colors. In particular, we welcome pastel shades.

We’d love to see a similar approach with the iPad Air 5, possibly with some new colors. The iPhone XR and iPhone 12 hit the market in stunning, vibrant colors, so maybe the Air has more to offer?

Apple's iPad Air 4 tablets

(Image credit: Apple)


The iPad Air 4’s battery lasts about 10 hours. We see a similar result with most iPads: 9-12 hours. This is a common value for most mobile devices. If you use an Apple tablet to watch movies in bed or occasionally work in a coffee shop, this is fine.

However, if you’re a creative person using your iPad while filming a movie, a businessman trying to work on a long flight, or a parent looking to distract their kids on a long car ride, you might find it limited.

We wish the iPad Air 5 had improved battery life, or at least suggested software optimizations that would allow the tablet to last longer.


This is an important issue with iPadOS 14 and Apple’s software, not even the hardware of the iPad, but we would welcome this change.

One of the key features of iOS 14 is the ability to build widgets from existing apps, leaving them on the home screen for easy access. On iPadOS, you can only add these widgets to the carousel on the home page, making it difficult to find when you have a lot of apps.

We would like to see iPadOS 14 receive an update that will allow you to add home screen widgets wherever you go.

Apple iPad Air


The design of the iPad Air 4, like the iPad Pro, does not suffer from the thick bezels found only on the base iPad and iPad Mini; there are thin lines separating the screen from the edge of the tablet. Thinning the bezels of the iPad Air 5 further improves the design and brings the screen closer to the size of a tablet body.

This is not the easiest change, so the wish is at the very end, but thin bezels always look better and, after all, this is a wish list.

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