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Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse Review: Successful reimagining of the iconic mouse

In the early 2000s, Microsoft launched a line of Windows-based computer peripherals that combined simplicity, reliability, and ergonomics, becoming extremely popular with PC owners.

One of the most beloved devices Microsoft released during this period was the IntelliMouse, which enjoyed equally high demand among users and gamers, and now the company has redefined the iconic mouse with the launch of the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, which according to the manufacturer is inspired by IntelliMouse 3.0.

We’ve seen manufacturers nostalgic for the success of old hardware make interesting releases – proof of this is the popularity of the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini or Lenovo ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25.

As our devices get more complex, convoluted, and fragile, old, reliable hardware that gets the job done without much fuss seems to be more attractive.

The significant retro design also helps. It is on this feeling of nostalgia that Microsoft is counting on the Classic IntelliMouse. But is the new mouse a successful renaissance of an old brand, or is it just a relic of a bygone era that should have been pushed into a corner and left to gather dust?

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse


Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse is available for purchase today, the mouse is on sale for $ 39 (3000r + VAT) in the official Microsoft Store.

The asking price is reasonably reasonable, especially when compared to the $ 79 (£ 6,000 + VAT) Apple Magic Mouse 2, Apple’s own mouse. And while the Magic Mouse 2 is wireless, the Classic IntelliMouse makes up for its wire with additional features, customizable buttons and other solutions.

Of course, you can always find mice cheaper – just take a look at our roundup of the best budget mice to find something cheaper, we just think Microsoft has rated their mouse right.


As we mentioned earlier, Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse draws inspiration from the design of IntelliMouse 3.0, released in 2003, and continues to be popular with gamers.

With the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, you will immediately follow this inspiration, with a very similar ergonomic shape and a recognizable dark gray design. For most users, this mouse is in the “don’t break, don’t fix” category, but if you’re not feeling nostalgic about IntelliMouse, the mouse’s aging design may be intimidating.

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse next to its mastermind.

Fans of unusual shapes and strange ergonomics or gaming pointers with a huge number of buttons dazzling with RGB lighting will wonder what is going on here. There is undoubtedly a backlight, but the iconic red light of the original mouse has been replaced by a modern white backlight.

And Microsoft also offers a decent number of buttons, of which there are only five, three of which are customizable. It’s not hard to follow the benchmark for performance, but like its predecessor mouse, the Classic IntelliMouse’s simplicity and reliability should appeal to gamers and other users alike.

Finally, it’s a wired mouse, meaning you don’t have to count on the freedom of wireless accessories, but you don’t have to worry about running out of battery at the most inopportune moment. This also means that the mouse is lighter than cordless mice that weighed down on rechargeable batteries: the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse weighs 100 grams.

The compact body (132 x 69 x 43 mm) fits neatly in your hand, showcasing Microsoft’s skill in designing ergonomic peripherals. After all, as comfortable a mouse is, it is as reliable as it is more important than an attractive design or a retro aesthetic. Fortunately, Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse doesn’t forget this.


Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse relies on a USB 2.0 connection and, as you would expect from Microsoft peripherals, setting up a mouse for Windows 10 is extremely easy and enjoyable.

Configuring additional buttons is simple enough, you will be able to seamlessly connect a mouse to the computer with Windows 10 , Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Disappointed by the fact that the keys can not be set up in Windows 10, the S . It’s a stripped-down version of Windows 10 from Microsoft, and the lack of fundamental custom-made mouse settings makes the operating system less attractive.

In addition, although this is a Microsoft mouse, customizations will require additional software download – “Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center”. And while it’s not that difficult, installing additional software to configure peripheral devices is becoming a daily occurrence, but in this case we counted on integrating everything you need into Windows 10. The application is at least simple and beautiful, you can customize the buttons depending on what applications you are currently using.

Configuring Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

Despite its retro design, the mouse has some pretty modern features that boost performance so much that the original IntelliMouse can only dream of. The sensor resolution is 1000 dpi, which makes the mouse fast and responsive, even when you frantically scour the cursor all over your desktop.

And you also get Microsoft BlueTrack technology, which allows Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse to work on virtually any surface, regardless of its reflectivity. Using Microsoft Classic IntellMouse, we did not experience problems with working on various surfaces, including a table and even a carpet, nothing prevented the sensor from registering movement correctly.

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

We tested Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse side-by-side with IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 to compare the restored classics with the original. The design of the mice is very similar, both leave similar sensations in the palm of your hand. The new Classic IntelliMouse is a little heavier than the original, but we like it because the mouse is heavier and more durable.

Overall, we were pleased with the capabilities of the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse. If you want a highly customizable, reliable wired mouse, you’ll love the renaissance.

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

When a company tries to reissue one of its iconic products, there is always the risk that it will lose the zest that made the original popular. Sometimes manufacturers re-launch a product that no one else wants to see. With the new Classic IntelliMouse, Microsoft has avoided these pitfalls. The original IntelliMouse series is still popular today, and Microsoft has managed to keep everything that users love about the original models, but with additional features that will help you survive in modern life.

As a result, the familiar and modern mouse returned to the market, offering the ergonomics and reliability that IntelliMouse devices were known for. The design has retained the iconic touches, adding a bit of modernity, and most importantly, Microsoft asks for a reasonable price for a mouse.

So, Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse isn’t just a retro mouse for users with massive beige PCs and tube monitors, it’s a modern product that does a great job and also offers some neat tricks. This is a truly welcome return.


Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse is a surprisingly successful reimagining of the iconic mouse. Even if you are unfamiliar with the original, this is an excellent budget mouse that does its job well at minimal expense.

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