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Samsung 870 QVO Review: Great Universal SSD for daily use

Samsung continues to displace conventional large-capacity hard drives from the desktop market with affordable, compact and energy-efficient solutions in the familiar 2.5-inch format. And if earlier for a relatively low-cost assembly it was wiser to take an SSD for the system and several programs, and store all other data on the HDD, then with the proliferation of drives based on QLC memory, this simply makes no sense. Yes, they are more expensive, but they provide much faster read and write speeds.


The previous Samsung 860 QVO line, was limited to 4 TB. Now, in addition to some technical changes, the capacity has also grown – in the top, the Samsung 870 QVO is equipped with 8 TB of memory. But what else is interesting about the novelty?

There were no global changes in the SSD structure. Before us, as before, is a drive based on microcircuits with a 4-bit structure of memory cells. However, the new generation received a different control controller (Samsung MKX, instead of MJX), as well as a new layout of microcircuits – if earlier it was 64-slot, now 92-layer chips are used.

Of the interesting features, I would note the presence of a rare now 1 GB of buffer for each terabyte of SSD volume. Most other manufacturers have switched to bufferless options.


But all this technical “tinsel” becomes uninteresting when you see in front of you such an affordable drive with good speed performance and a considerable amount of memory.

The manufacturer claims a read speed of 560 MB / s and a write speed of 530 MB / s. And during the test, these indicators were confirmed. However, it will not be a revelation to anyone that these figures will be relevant when working with small files. The fact is that the Samsung 870 QVO has a certain “fast” drive zone, which is 78 GB for all versions, except for the 1 TB model (there it is half as much).

It allows you to demonstrate good results during everyday work with oversized files, programs like Photoshop, or playing network shooters. That is – in normal use, the SSD shows itself only from its best side.

But if you need to transfer a large file, the following happens – after filling the “high-speed” part, the write speed drops to 150-160 MB / s. But such tasks are extremely rare, and if you often work with large amounts of data, then you should pay attention to the more expensive options that are sharpened for such tasks. It is worth remembering, however, that the 870 QVO is a budget bulky option for the average consumer, not a professional solution.


Despite this, the safety margin of the model is not bad. Our 4TB variant can handle 1,440TB of data, or 3 years of mileage, as the automotive community would say. And this should be enough for storing photos, games, movies and programs, because I do not think that in home use you will be recording more than 4 TB of data per day. So the drive will last for a long time.

And to keep the SSD in good condition, Samsung has a special utility called Magician, which allows you not only to monitor the performance, but also to update the firmware, test the drive, or safely erase all your data. The software is really useful enough that I would not overlook it.

As for daily use, I had no problems with the disc. It does exactly what you expect it to do. No more and no less. Yes, there are no speeds like NVME drives, or any RGB backlighting, but you don’t expect to get this in the budget segment.

I would boldly consider the 870 QVO as an additional drive to my main system. The ideal option is a fast 1 TB NVME option for the essentials, plus this 2.5-inch SSD with 2-4 TB for everything else. And, even if you just have nowhere to install it, you can use external USB 3.0 HDD / SSD pockets, which will allow you to always have a large and fast drive at hand, which will be useful for both computers and consoles.


So, if you do not have sky-high speed requirements and you do not constantly work with large amounts of data, then this is your option. Considering the combination of speed and volume, I could not find any serious shortcomings or compromises in this model.

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