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Samsung UV sterilizer Review: Adds another wall between you and the virus

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Against the backdrop of the worldwide fight against coronavirus, technology companies began to show their visions of solving the problem one after another. So, one of the most popular devices for protecting against the virus is UV sterilizers. Samsung has gone further and equipped the device with wireless charging.

The Samsung box looks extremely discreet. It is made of dense white plastic, which hardly collects fingerprints, but willingly attracts dust. Due to its small dimensions (228 × 133 × 49.5 mm) and weight (369 grams), the sterilizer can be placed anywhere: on a table, bedside table and even at the entrance to an apartment. The only limitation is that you need an outlet. By the way, the sterilizer is powered through the usual USB Type-C connector (the cable is included).

The principle of operation is extremely simple

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Samsung GP-TOU020SABWR works as simple as possible – even easier than I thought. You just put what you want to process in there and click on the button. After the sound signal, two UV lamps with a wavelength of 253.7 nm are turned on inside, which treat the object for 10 minutes.

After the required time has passed, the box will again emit a noticeable sound signal. To achieve the most effective result, it is recommended to treat objects from both sides – thus, it takes 20 minutes for a complete cleaning. Interestingly, it is impossible to catch the sterilizer at work. When you open the cover, the lamps go out, it does not make sounds during operation. In general, it just stands and cleans what is inside. But it does not interfere!

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According to Samsung, the sterilizer kills up to 99% of bacteria, and I want to believe in it. Moreover, the figures were confirmed by a number of independent experts – for example, the British Intertek Group plc and the Swiss SGS SA. However, the GP-TOU020SABWR is interesting not only for the ability to handle items, but also for the presence of wireless charging of the Qi standard. Thus, it can be used to replenish energy on devices that support it. The maximum power is 10 W, which is quite enough for comfortable use. There is a lot of space inside, devices with dimensions up to 196 × 96 × 33 mm should fit.

The main question that a reader could have in his head is why is this necessary? The answer here is quite simple: this is the time we live in. Due to the pandemic that has spread around the world, the fear of catching the coronavirus by grabbing the handle on the bus does not leave my head.

And if we wash our hands upon arrival, why don’t we do the same with a smartphone? Admit it, how often did you go with a smartphone in your hands, wash your face at home and immediately take the device back? This, in fact, devalues ​​all precautions. In an ideal world, when you come home, you put your smartphone in the sterilizer for two rounds of 10 minutes each and only then return to scrolling through social networks.

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However, with the help of Samsung GP-TOU020SABWR, you can handle other household items – for example, headphones, keys and, importantly, reusable masks. I will dwell on the latter in a little more detail. There is also processing: put on the inside for 10 minutes and then outside and … voila, you are excellent. In my opinion, it is much more convenient and much easier than washing the masks every time. And they wear out so much slower.


In the 7 days that I spent with the Samsung UV sterilizer, I got used to this box. While the process of processing a smartphone or any other device takes almost no time, the benefits you get in return are hard to overestimate. And although this has no visible results (nothing buzzes, does not glow and does not heat up), I want to believe that by processing everyday items, you are building another security wall between yourself and the virus. And it’s kind of reassuring.

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