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Hator Pulsar
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There seems to be a new trend in the gaming mice segment – manufacturers compete to create the lightest mouse. We have already seen wars over sensor resolution, number of buttons. But Hator decided to go back to basics and give users only the functionality they need while maintaining maximum weight. As practice has shown, such a decision also has the right to life.

The mouse doesn’t indulge in any particular design, but it’s even better. The mouse can be called the standard of practicality and modesty. Although, to dilute the boring appearance, there is an illuminated area at the junction of the palm surface and the base. Otherwise, the Hator Pulsar does not attract much attention and does not glow like a Christmas tree.

techweekmag Hator Pulsar Review

The mouse body is completely made of matte plastic, fingerprints and other traces of use hardly remain on the mouse. There are no complaints about the build quality. Despite its low weight, the mouse does not creak in the hands, there is no construction backlash, even with strong compression. Despite its light weight, the Hator Pulsar does not feel substandard or cheap.

There are grippy plastic inserts on the sides for better grip. They look like they are made of rubber, but this is exactly plastic.

Ergonomics, weight

The Hator Pulsar is housed in a relatively compact body that is well suited for medium to small hands. The mouse works well for palm and claw grips. Owners of large brushes may not be so comfortable, for them the only option would be “claw”.

Now let’s talk about mass and balance. Weighing in at 69 grams, the mouse is simply not felt in the hands. You take it in your hand and it looks like a dummy – it seems that there is nothing inside. But the mouse is not only well cut, but also well equipped, however, more on that later. From the point of view of balance, everything is perfect here, there is no advantage. The minimum weight is distributed very well.

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The set of keys does not spoil with variety. Here are all the standards for mice in this price category: a pair of main ones, a scroll wheel, a key for changing the resolution behind and a pair of side navigation keys in the browser. All keys are pressed with a well-felt tactile and audible response. Especially basic. Their click may even sound loud, but it feels very cool.

Equipment, sensor

Hator Pulsar is equipped with a PixArt 3389 sensor with a maximum resolution of 16,000 dpi. This is one of the best sensors in the industry at the moment in terms of the set of characteristics. It is no longer new, but it has already proved itself well in many other gaming mice. The sensor is very stable at high and low resolutions. I tested the mouse at resolutions from 500 to 8000 dpi and the mouse behaved very predictably and as it should be. I have not tested a higher preset of 16,000 dpi, since even on a 4K display, this resolution no longer allows normal aiming.

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As you may have already replaced, the Hator Pulsar is a wired mouse. But the presence of a wire did not spoil the impression of the lightweight body. The wire is lightweight, slippery, does not cling to the mat.

Unfortunately, at the time of preparing the article, we did not have time to get acquainted with the mouse software, but the information received from the brand representative, we were able to draw preliminary conclusions about the functionality.

It is quite standard, but everything you need in the Hator application is there: setting the resolution, changing the functionality of the keys, creating macros and controlling the backlight.


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Hator Pulsar is a really cool and lightweight mouse, yet inexpensive. It combines light weight and a sufficient level of functionality. This is an almost ideal mouse for those who like light and fast manipulators. There are no flaws in it, but there are features that should be considered.