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Trust GXT 165 Celox RGB Review • Affordable RGB Gaming Mouse

GXT 165 Celox

For those who want a cheaper version, good with RGB, I present a gaming mouse from Trust, the GXT 165 Celox model.

GXT 165 Celox

Trust GXT 165 Celox RGB is a fairly light mouse, but I personally prefer those that are heavier or offer optional weights. Well, it comes bundled with weights, so you can optimize it for your style of play. The shape is ergonomic, with quick access to change the DPI, and on the side, there are buttons for Forward, Back and another button that can be programmed.

The finish on the top is matte, black, and for a better grip, it has a piece of rubber on the side.

GXT 165

The Pixart PMW3325 sensor provides accuracy and speed even in the event of sudden movements. The sensor offers up to 10,000 DPI, but it was not necessary to use more than 1000 DPI with 1000Hz polling rate. From the software you can adjust the DPI sensitivity in steps of 50. The polling rate can also be adjusted in steps of 100Hz, starting from at least 125Hz.

GXT 165

Trust GXT 165 mouse feels good in your hand, but it depends on your tastes and how big your palm is. The connection cable has a length of 1.8 m, and on the outside it is protected by a woven material.

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From the software we have access to five profiles that are saved in the mouse memory. For each profile we have access to the performance settings, DPI, Report Rate, Acceleration and Scroll Speed; unfortunately, the option to set the lift off is missing. In the Effect tab we are given access to the brightness settings, flash speed, light color and effect type. And in the Button tab we can set macros.

Overall, it is a good mouse at the right price, which will definitely last over time.