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10 Best Active Noise Canceling TWS Headphones 2022

10 Best Active Noise Canceling TWS Headphones 2022
10 Best Active Noise Canceling TWS Headphones 2022

Active noise-canceling headphones help you immerse yourself in your music by blocking out outside sounds and protecting you from outside distractions. We have chosen the most relevant ANC-enabled wireless headphones in 2022 from popular manufacturers.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

The second generation of Momentum True Wireless received active noise cancellation and solid autonomy: now, together with the case, the headphones hold a charge for up to 28 hours. They also support Transparent Hearing mode, which amplifies external sounds.

The headset is configured using the Smart Control application: it has ANC adjustment, an equalizer, the ability to remap touch controls. Don’t forget about IPX4 water protection. In addition, the model supports the aptX codec and has excellent sound – many users praise the sound of the headphones in their reviews. Pairing with the source occurs via the Bluetooth 5.1 protocol.

Separately, we note the corporate design of the model. The case is covered with a recognizable gray fabric, and it contains teardrop-shaped headphones without a leg: this form of the case at the same time provides good passive noise isolation.

Sony WF-1000XM4

The updated WF-1000XM4 model has improved noise reduction performance due to the Sony V1 chip . Also, the device began to support Hi-Res Audio with the LDAC codec, that is, in fact, uncompressed sound.

Headphones support spatial audio and Speak-to-Chat function: playback is paused when the user is talking to someone. Google’s Fast Pair feature allows you to quickly connect to Android smartphones, while the bone conduction sensor improves voice transmission when talking.

ANC does an excellent job of drowning out the noise of the wind, the sounds of the subway and busy streets. In a proprietary application, you can set additional settings: completely block extraneous sounds, select a mode for traveling in transport , walking or running, as well as a transparency mode. In auto mode, noise reduction will turn on at those moments when the level of external noise increases.

Also in the application there is a 5-band equalizer , settings for voice playback of messages and gesture control.

“Ears” hold a charge up to 8 hours with ANC on and up to 12 hours with it off, which is very good. The case will increase autonomy to 24 or 36 hours, respectively, and it is charged both from a USB Type-C cable and from Qi standard wireless charging. The headphones themselves, by the way, received protection against water and dust according to IPX4 .

Apple AirPods Pro

Unlike conventional AirPods 1-3 generations, AirPods Pro vacuum headphones are more compact and not as noticeable in the ears. In addition, only this version has an ANC function and silicone tips that provide good passive noise cancellation .

For more accurate noise cancellation, the microphones in AirPods Pro not only pick up external sounds, but also measure the noise level inside the ear. Like other headsets, except for ANC, the model supports transparency mode – it helps to hear everything that is happening around.

In other respects, the headset is similar to AirPods 3: the H1 chip is responsible for the sound quality, there is a spatial audio function, an adaptive equalizer and a case with support for wireless charging (optional).

The earbuds have up to 4.5 hours of operation with ANC enabled, 5 hours without it, and up to 24 hours when charging from the case.

By the way, AirPods Pro are not only compatible with the iPhone, but can also work with Android smartphones. True, then it will not work to use voice control .

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Small and lightweight TWS headphones from Samsung connect to smartphones via Bluetooth 5.2. Owners of Android gadgets will be able to fully customize the headphones to their taste: adjust the equalizer, touchpad and much more. And on the iPhone, no settings are available, since there is no proprietary application for iOS .

Galaxy Buds2 has not the most common design: a neat glossy case can be bought not only in white and black, but also in purple or olive. In this case, the outside of the case will be white, and inside – the selected color. The earbuds themselves have a drop-shaped shape without a leg.

There are quite a few functions: in addition to active noise reduction, there is a transparency mode, wireless and fast charging. By the way, with noise canceling turned on, the headphones can work up to 5 hours and 7.5 hours without it. A charging case will allow you to use them up to 20 or 29 hours, respectively.

Each earbud has an 11mm dynamic driver and a triple microphone system. Protection against dust and moisture – according to the IPX2 standard, that is, the headset is not afraid of sweat and rain splashes.

JBL Live Pro+

The JBL Live Pro + headphones from Harman are distinguished by high sound quality: users separately note clean bass – this is rare for a TWS model.

In the My JBL Headphones app, you can adjust the 14-point equalizer, determine the best fit for your headset, and activate noise cancellation . ANC supports three modes: everyday, road and active – its level depends on the place where you are. There are also two useful proprietary features: Ambient Aware – amplifies ambient sounds, TalkThru – muffles the music during a call.

Fast synchronization with Android smartphones is possible thanks to the Google Fast Pair function. The earbuds and case are IPX4 water-resistant , so rain or sweat won’t bother them.

With the noise cancellation turned on, the charge will last for 7 hours, with the case – for 21 hours. By the way, there is a charge indicator on the case, which is quite convenient for its control.

HONOR Earbuds 2 Lite

New this year with impressive autonomy : without ANC, the headphones will “live” up to 10 hours, and together with the case they will last for as much as 32 hours. With noise reduction, the operating time will be reduced to 7.5 and 28 hours, respectively, but the result is still impressive. At the same time, 10 minutes of recharging is enough for 4 hours of listening to music.

Balanced sound is provided here by 10 mm dynamic drivers, and there are dual microphones for noise reduction and improved sound quality during negotiations. The design is standard: a rectangular case in white or black, inside there are traditional headphones on a leg.

ANC does not completely “disconnect” from the outside world, but it qualitatively cuts off all strong noises. Transparency mode, auto-pause and game mode with reduced audio transmission delay are also supported.

You can connect the headphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.2 (the model works with SBC and AAC codecs). For fine-tuning, use the AI ​​Life application: you can adjust the equalizer, change touch controls, activate noise reduction and turn on the transparency mode.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro

HUAWEI’s FreeBuds Pro feature 11mm dynamic drivers and triple microphones for quality ANC performance. The noise reduction has three modes here: for locations with low, medium and high noise levels. By default, it automatically adjusts to the ambient noise level. In case you need to hear everything that is happening around, there is a transparency mode.

The model supports the current Bluetooth 5.2 protocol. All settings are made in the AI ​​Life proprietary application. Here you can also find out the charge level of the headphones and the case, change the control parameters, pass the test of attaching the ear cushions in the ear and activate the auto-pause, which reacts to the earpiece  taken out of the ear .

With ANC enabled, FreeBuds Pro can last up to 5 hours, and with ANC off, up to 7 hours. Together with the case, the headphones should last for 30 hours. There is also support for wireless charging. But protection against water is not declared, so it is better not to use the headset during an active workout or in the rain.

Realme Buds Air PRO

The case design of this model resembles a flattened egg, inside of which there are very massive headphones with a long stem. When you open the case, the headset immediately connects to your Android smartphone thanks to Google Fast Pair support.

Although the earphones are in the mid-range price range, they sound good: each is equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver with bass boost technology. The headset also received a system of two microphones , IPX4 water protection, decent noise reduction and support for transparency mode. The Realme Link branded application will help you customize the headphones to your taste.

Buds Air PRO can work up to 6 hours and are quickly charged: 10 minutes of charging is enough for 3 hours of listening to music. And together with the case, autonomy reaches 20 hours – and with ANC turned on.

OPPO Enco Free2

OPPO Enco Free2 is easy to distinguish from other models thanks to its design: glossy oval looks unusual. Inside – headphones with an oval head on a small leg. With them you can go in for active sports, as the model is protected from water (and sweat) according to IPX4.

As for the noise cancellation, a system of three microphones in each earphone is responsible for it. ANC cuts sounds at the level of more expensive models – up to 40 dB. We also note two features of active noise reduction in Enco Free2: the ability to adapt to the anatomical features of the user’s ear and automatic shutdown if it is relatively quiet around.

Transparency mode is also available: by default, it is turned on with a long press on the earpiece.

Enco Free2 supports Bluetooth 5.2 and popular SBC and AAC codecs . In the HeyMelody proprietary application, you can adjust the equalizer and reassign actions for touch panel elements.

Redmi Buds 3 Pro

Redmi Buds 3 Pro belongs to the budget segment of TWS headphones, but in many ways they are not inferior to expensive models. They support gesture control, connect to gadgets via Bluetooth 5.2 and can work simultaneously with two devices.

The headphones are equipped with three microphones for better noise cancellation and clear voice transmission during calls. ANC works at a level of 35 dB, that is, in the subway, the music will still have to be made louder so that extraneous sounds do not interfere. There is also a transparency mode, and the case is protected from moisture and dust according to the IPX4 standard.

With the ANC turned on, the headphones can be charged for up to 4 hours, and when powered from the case, they can be used for as long as 18 hours. To increase autonomy, you will need to turn off the noise reduction – but this setting is only in the mobile application . And it, in turn, is not available for the international version of the headset . In other matters, this should not be a problem, since the headphones charge quickly enough: just 10 minutes is enough for 3 hours of listening to music. Wireless charging is also supported.


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