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Acer E300 TrueHarmony Review • Incredible lightweight headphones!

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Acer E300 TrueHarmony is a pair of headphones for music lovers, at first glance, but don’t be scared because they are priced at just under 100 lei.

Although I personally am not a fan of in-ear headphones, they fit very well when worn, and in the package we have two more pairs of rubber membranes, which help to adapt to almost any size of urchins.

techweekmag Acer E300 TrueHarmony Review • Headphones for music lovers

The low weight and the fact that they come with an audio and microphone splitter make these headphones usable on PC, so we can say that the Acer E300 TrueHarmony are also gaming headphones. The manufacturer has understood that there are users who want to fully enjoy a pair of headphones, both on the phone and on the PC. So the inclusion of that splitter and the fact that they come with a microphone on the wire, totally changes the story.

techweekmag Acer E300 TrueHarmony Review • Headphones for music lovers 1

The Acer E300 TrueHarmony headphones are very well made, they are solid, they have a thread wrapped in fabric, and the sound quality is excellent. We have bass, thanks to the 8.6mm speakers, responding very well to 30Hz frequencies.

As I said, these headphones are versatile, so we used them for gaming, and during a CS GO match we could hear very well both the steps of the opponents and what was being said on Discord. The microphone is not bad, the voice being quite clear and with little distortion, and the ambient noise is not present.

So is it worth the it? Yes! Although Acer are not recognized for such peripherals, it seems that we have a quality product that meets our expectations.