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Adidas RPT-01 Review: Great sports headphones from Adidas

The most interesting thing is that on the headphone box you can see the production date 07/19. This means that the model is already one and a half years old, but why did it only now come to our market? Detective Maxim found out by deductive method, he found out that the model started in the United States in 19, and the entry into the global market was delayed due to the pandemic.

Contents of delivery

The packaging fascinated me, there is no other way to say. Firstly, the box is made like Adidas sneakers, inside is the same wrapping sneaker paper. The feeling when unpacking for the first time is very unusual. If we had a prize for packaging, then these headphones would clearly receive a prize. Well, in addition to packaging, you can also find a charging cable and pieces of paper.

Design and ergonomics

The first thing you should know about all this design is that the headphones are washable! Well, more precisely, not the headphones themselves, but ear pads that can be easily removed.

The fact that they are protected from moisture according to the IPX4 standard, they can also be thrown into a training bag along with all training gear and not to worry about safety. The materials are so practical that they don’t even show signs of exploitation. And yet, yes, at first it seems that all these rags can easily tear and get dirty, but then you realize that this rag is a proprietary Adidas technology – PrimeKnit. In short, it is a super technology that provides elasticity, reliability, ventilation and lightness.

The appearance is sporty, and there is no need to go to Globa, but black headphones are quite versatile and calmly cooperate with any of your everyday clothes.

The functional part of the RPT-1 is at a high level – reflectors on the arc so that you are not knocked down by a street racer while jogging, it is also a very elastic headband, from which your ears can hurt, but the headphones will hold up perfectly, although for falling off when shaking your head, they do not pass, the form factor affects.

But while running, they show themselves perfectly. Plus very convenient controls, similar to what we saw in the Marshall Major- 5-position joystick and a button on which you can hang additional functionality (call an assistant, include a playlist in spotify, etc.). By the way, Marshall and Adidas headphones have a lot in common, they are produced by Zound Industries.


Sports headphones are not to be judged in the same way as any other. Why? And you do the experiment for yourself. Run 5 km with the headphones you listen to every day. And what will happen?

The sound will change for you during the run, you will begin to perceive the entire frequency response in a different way, some models will seem blurry, and some too sonorous. Here the point is in psychoacoustics, and in the fact that we just sweat, and when the ear is wet, the headphones cannot fit perfectly and the swing begins. What’s so cool about the sound of the Adidas RPT-01?

Honestly, nothing special, like Marshall Major IV, only softer and bassier. But the moment you start playing sports and sweating, the sound here remains the same – soft and bass. Running along the embankment in these “Adiks” in the evening is a real pleasure.

The entire test set played fine, for sports headphones for 200 bucks it is quite a good result, somewhere on the level with Major IV, as I said. But Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac are all good, but I ran under Oxxxymiron and ATL, and Scryptonite even appeared there somewhere. And you know, very energetic and powerful – exactly what you need for sports.

The smartphone app has the ability to switch the equalizer and update the firmware. There is practically no benefit, but it is drawn beautifully.


Autonomy is great, there is no dispute – 40 hours. Charging via the supplied cable lasts only 3 hours.


Adidas RPT-01 price tag of $200 is considerable for on-ear headphones without ANC, but quite fair for sports headphones that play great, are super practical, sit tenaciously, have a powerful battery.

More info on Adidas RPT-01 can be found here. 

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