Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd 2 Review: Very, very good headphones

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd 2 Review

At a time when the phrase “ wireless headphones ” is associated with full-size, on-ear, or TWS form factors, the already rare form of neck-mounted in-ear headphones is a breath of fresh air. Especially when the manufacturer is not just anyone, but a very eminent brand that definitely knows how to make good audio.

And now we will get acquainted with the second version of these headphones.


Beyerdynamic Blue Bird 2 pleases from the moment of unpacking. Here and high-quality packaging, and a cool storage case that will protect the headphones from any troubles in life.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd 2

In addition to the earphones, you can store the charging cable in the case. As in the first version, USB Type-C is used here. And still it is not protected by a stub. Well, let’s forgive it this time.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd 2 2

Design and usability

Design and ergonomics have undergone noticeable changes. If in the first generation the batteries were in separate modules on the wire, now all this stuff is located in the headband, which is located on the neck. Now the weight is evenly distributed over the structure and does not outweigh one of the parts of the wire, but before there was such a problem.

In addition, while the user is walking, nothing will now hit on the cheek. And another nice bonus is the ability to fasten two wires under the chin and due to this, the headphones are held securely while driving and do not bounce, especially while running. That is, it is safe to say that the Beyerdynamic Blue Bird 2 is well suited not only for normal everyday use, but also for active sports.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd 2 1

The only thing that I did not like in terms of convenience was the overly tight on/off button. To press it, you need to apply a noticeable force and hold for a few seconds. By accident, the headphones will not turn on and off, but the button is too hard.

But there are no complaints about the remote control. Its buttons are slightly easier to press and can be used to change tracks and adjust the volume. There is a microphone hole on the remote control. The voice quality is very good, but as usual in silence.


The sound quality of the first model did not cause any complaints. It was a good, solid sound without excessive lows and with detailed highs. In the second generation of these headphones, the situation is definitely not worse. The set of codecs is the same: Apt-X, AAC and SBC. The sound can be called really worthy of the price of headphones and the main epithet that immediately comes to mind is balanced and noble. The sound is just good and high quality, there are no complaints about it.

For additional sound and equalizer settings, a proprietary Beyerdynamic MIY application is provided. The app can test your hearing and adjust the sound based on the results. I took the test and in the end I can not say that I noticed any difference. Otherwise, the application will still be useful due to the ability to customize the headphones. For example, in it you can change the functionality of the buttons, change the brightness of the diode and turn the voice assistant on or off.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd 2 3


The battery life has been noticeably increased compared to the first version and now stands at 14 hours versus 6. The full charge time is just over an hour and a half. There is a fast charging function. For example, in 15 minutes my headphones received 40% of the charge.


Blue Byrd 2 are very, very good headphones in which you can and should enjoy the sound. All conditions have been created for this: high-quality drivers, Apt-X support and sound adjustment to the user’s hearing. It’s impossible to say for sure that these are headphones for everyone. The in-ear form factor is not suitable for everyone, and the working position of the headphones on the neck is not suitable for everyone. And the price isn’t for everyone. But other than that, these are great headphones!

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