Bose QC35 II vs. QuietComfort 45 Review

This is the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Mark II and is one of the most commonly seen headphones on airplanes. All because of their amazing noise reduction, which, even if it already has a serious competitor in the person of the Sony WH-1000XM4 , still stuns fish in the lake like Petrovich. And in order to catch up on sound to the same Sony, Bose needed an update for a long time. And here it is in front of you! Bose Queit Comfort 45 . Possibly the best ANC headphones, let’s check it out.

Contents of delivery


With the kit, everything is the same with the previous generation. We have a hard case in the box, which has slightly changed, namely, got rid of the back pocket. Opening the case, you see headphones, a USB-C cable for charging and a 3.5 mm cable for connecting to power sources.

Design and ergonomics

Bose has always made laconic devices. They do not evoke any special emotions, but at the same time you understand that this is a quality product. This is not a story about whistles, rhinestones, lanterns and raccoon-eye buttons. The metal lid on the bowls is a thing of the past, now we have matte plastic. The buttons and slider are all in the same places as before. The microphones were placed symmetrically, previously there were 3 on the right earcup and one on the left.

The Bose lettering got rid of the metal texture and became just an inscription, and even a silver one. As anyone, but I used to like it better. It is very important that the 45s do not dictate the style of clothing and are absolutely suitable for any outfit. Available in 2 colors – black and white. I can’t single out a favorite for myself, since both look great.

In terms of convenience, everything is excellent, just like in the previous generation. These are headphones for hours on end. They are as comfortable as possible for the full-size form factor. In principle, it makes no sense to speak for the convenience of the buttons, they are so in their places that you find them the first time.

Sound and noise reduction

Frankly, when the QC 35 appeared, their sound was the most natural among competitors, even the “thousandth” Sony of those generations played softer than them. But after listening to QC 45, one gets the impression that the past generation is playing as if from a barrel, very drawn-out and dull. And this only says that the sound has really grown and become even cooler. It is much cleaner and more divided here, but the proprietary bass from Bose has not gone anywhere, in principle, the type and sound presentation is perfect for all music, there is no genre predisposition. You will have to get used to slightly sharp highs a little bit, but they will not bring discomfort even at the first listening.

Tests have shown good volume and the same acoustic comfort. Headphones allow you to listen to music in them for a large number of hours in a row without fatigue or discomfort. Bose has always treated ANC with respect and even the very first QC35s jammed everything completely. The novelty began to jam even better, this is especially noticeable in high-frequency sounds – knocking, creeping, drill, etc. There is no leader between the last thousandths from Sony and the new product from Bose. These are both pairs of perfect ANC headphones .


The quality of the microphone in large headphones is always a controversial thing, but due to the fact that microphones have been added here, the localization of the voice has grown. In any environment, even on a noisy street or in windy conditions, you can have a good conversation. With this, the headphones are doing great.

Battery life

Autonomy has grown and is now 24 hours, instead of 20 in the previous generation. The earbuds fully charge in 2.5 hours, fast charging is supported, which will charge for 3 hours of listening in 15 minutes.


The new Bose QC45 is a quality upgrade to some of the most popular ANC headphones. As before, this is almost the best solution with noise cancellation and cool sound. The sound has leveled off to the same Sony WH-1000XM4 and now the choice is even more difficult for the buyer.

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