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Creative SXFI TRIO Review • SXFI technology in wired headphones

Creative SXFI TRIO

You will notice that the majority of the headphones we test from time to time belong to the category of wireless, whether we are talking about headphones or earbuds. The shift to wireless solutions makes sense due to the almost definitive “elimination” of the 3.5mm socket from mobile devices, but also for the fact that wireless headphones offer a much more comfortable use when moving outdoors or when exercising.

Creative SXFI TRIO

However, Creative Technology has not abandoned the wired headphones and even proceeded to integrate Super X-Fi Gen2 technology in the Creative SXFI TRIO that we have in our hands. Before we start with our impressions of the headphones, let us note that the “cable” is not an indication of a cheaper solution, as they cost more than many wireless proposals, while their connection is made via a USB Type-C socket to be compatible with all modern Appliances. Of course, you can connect them to a 3.5mm socket with the corresponding adapter.

techweekmag Creative SXFI TRIO Review • SXFI technology in wired headphones

In terms of construction, we do not have much to say, since they look like all the classic old-fashioned headphones, ie “cord” with the management buttons on the left side.

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The whole story is again Super X-Fi technology, with its second generation offering an even more complete listening experience and the ability to optimize the sound that reaches your ears through the settings that you can make from the respective application. Those of you who have worn SXFI technology headphones know very well the top quality they offer, while those of you who have not had the opportunity, we highly recommend them. You watch a movie and you think you are in a movie theater, you listen to music and you perceive every frequency with absolute power and clarity as in a concert or recording studio, with terribly deep and full bass despite wearing “lice” headphones, while conversations and teleconferencing improve of sound for an extremely natural performance as if you have the interlocutor next to you. Super X-Fi UltraDSP chip directly from the headset and not from the device you are using.

techweekmag Creative SXFI TRIO Review • SXFI technology in wired headphones 1

As with all wired headphones, so with the Creative SXFI TRIO you simply plug them into the USB Type-C socket and use them without any further action. However, if you really want to make the most of their capabilities, it would be good to download the SXFI application to proceed with some configurations according to your tastes. First, you can create a personal profile by photographing the face and each ear separately, so that the Creative system adapts the sound to your “construction”. It would be good to have an accomplice next to you to take the photos in order to finish the process quickly. The pros of creating a profile include storing personal settings, regardless of the device you are using, so it is worth spending some time in the beginning.

techweekmag Creative SXFI TRIO Review • SXFI technology in wired headphones 2

Beyond that, the SXFI application gives you many options to adjust the equalizer frequencies as you wish, as SXFI technology does work wonders, however, in some types of music you may hear more depth than you might want. There are many ready-made pre-sets if you do not want to play with each band separately and in general, you will easily end up with 2-3 that will fully meet your needs for many types of music, movies and gaming. Of course, there is the option to turn off SXFI, but again we suggest you get involved to enjoy a unique experience. In terms of volume, it is one of the few headphones of this type that we have worn and “we are deaf”. In the majority of the headphones we try we reach the end, especially outdoors, but in the Creative SXFI TRIO can not stand anything and you are covered in most scenarios with the intensity just over 60%. It should also be mentioned that the Creative SXFI TRIO supports 7.1 audio to enjoy movies with surround sound, while the wired connection ensures that you do not have any delay in the transmission of audio , something that gamers are clearly interested in.

techweekmag Creative SXFI TRIO Review • SXFI technology in wired headphones 3

On the disadvantages we note that their use is not suitable for training, mainly due to the cable, the minimal isolation of sound to the environment (if you turn up the volume “tsiki-tsiki” sounds loud to others), the fragility of the cable and… the price their.

The Creative SXFI TRIO is available through the official website of the company at € 129.99 .