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Dali iO-6 Review • Scope, balance and a willingness to participate

Dali iO-6

A month ago, Dali introduced its first wireless headphones and in fact two models. The Noise Canceling of the iO-6 test and the simple (Bluetooth only) iO-4. To get here Dali went to the lab bench for a whole year.

The result, as you can see in the photos, is excellent. Dali iO-6 headphones have a “white caramel” color, as Dali says, but also black. They are dressed in synthetic leather both on the pillows and on their pole.

The battery lasts 30 hours, while their Bluetooth is aptX HD. The processor and the noise canceling system are from a third party, possibly Sony. They have 50 mm guides. made of paper and with the well-known Dali wood fibers.

The headphones can be “connected” in three ways. Via Bluetooth, with mini jack cable, but also digitally via USB C with our laptop or mobile phone (function as USB DAC). IOS 6 has key options and is not supported by any app (but may appear later). There are Transparent keys (the music stops to talk to those around us), NC off and NC on.

Their case is luxurious, durable and upholstered in fabric, while the quality of their construction is high as Dali has taught us with its speakers.

The iO-6 folds so that their headphones become flat, like the Bose, but not like the JBL and Sennheiser that fold even more. The iO-6 Bluetooth is aptXHD which shows Dali’s attention. The headphones provide voice instructions for use that they are “connected”, for the battery (battery level 80%) and more.

Also the whole cover of the “R” handset works as a key for changing tracks or answering calls. They have three microphones, they are compatible with Google Assistant, they are flexible with a metal rod that ends in aluminum hooks.


As we noted above the headphones provide three ways to connect to listen to music from them. An analog, a digital and a wireless.

We tried them with all three. We started digitally using the white USB C to USB C cable that we will find in the package. Here the sound is solid, dense with high control and precision. They have a tight low, sweet medium and high with a spark, while the voices are enjoyable and complete. By switching listening with Bluetooth connectivity (without NC) this great quality continues, but with less control, scope… and enjoyment.

While when we activated the Noise Cancelation then we lost spatial information but also their smooth flow. This was followed by the analog listening with the mini jack cable to a mini jack that comes with the headphones. When connected in this way all the controls are deactivated. Their bass reaches very low, they have a transparent character and a warmth reminiscent of the characteristic sound of Dali speakers.

The drivers seem to fit in well with each other, the stereo image spreads out, they have resolution and speed. They are rhythmic and exude the aura of great headphones.

They are sensitive and do not need special gain (reinforcement). They have scope, balance and a willingness to participate…


  • TYPE: Bluetooth 5.0 with noise cancellation system
  • BATTERY LIFE: 30 hours
  • CHARGING TIME: 2 hours
  • INPUTS: 1 × 3.5mm, 1xUSB C (charging and audio)
  • AUDIO INPUT: Bluetooth, Analog (mini jack), USB-C
  • BLUETOOTH: AAC, aptX, aptX HD
  • WEIGHT: 325 g .