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Denon AH-D9200 Review: Flagship headphones from Denon

The Denon AH-D9200 is the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship closed-back headphone targeting the Hi-Fi and high-end segment. Durable metal-wood ear cups, quality faux leather ear pads and balanced sound give you the exceptional listening experience the manufacturer promises. Now let’s see if the description provided by Denon matches the performance that we will see during testing.

Denon AH-D9200 package content

Denon AH-D9200 are closed-back headphones. They come in a large box that acts as a storage space. Unfortunately, there is no portable carry case here, so you’ll have to buy one yourself.



As soon as you open the box with the Denon logo, it immediately becomes clear that you are dealing with Hi-Fi headphones. Since the AH-D9200 is a wired model, obviously the manufacturer has taken care of several connection options. The package includes two cables – 3 and 1.3 meters. The 3m cable offers a 6.3mm jack (for connecting to home audio components), and the 1.3m cable offers a 3.5mm mini jack (for amplifiers, players, etc.).

Denon AH-D9200 design

Undoubtedly, the D9200 earphones made from natural wood make an unforgettable impression. Instead of the so-called “zebrano” wood you might have seen in the D5200, or walnut wood like the D7200, Denon decided to use Japanese bamboo for the new flagship.

It is a light-colored material with small dark inclusions (fine-pored wood). According to the manufacturer, this choice is due not only to Denon’s love of Japanese traditions, but also to the acoustic properties of this material: bamboo helps to minimize unwanted resonances and provides a brighter sound due to the high density and hardness of wood.

In terms of looks and design, these headphones deserve to be called elegant. A combination of simple form and unobtrusive accents, without unnecessary embellishments. As a result, the user sees a set of headphones in front of him, in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and every detail plays an important role.



When you touch the headband and ear cushions of the D9200 headphones, you can feel how soft and supple the material is sheepskin. We will also pay attention to the careful stitching: an additional charm and zest of the leather upholstery lies in the quilted seams. Recall also that the leather trim retains its shape better and provides the necessary level of ventilation.

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing bamboo housing, the earbuds also feature die-cast aluminum metal structures and polished steel attachments where the ear cups meet the headband itself.

Materials of the same high quality are used in the internal headphone system. The 50mm full-range drivers are made of nanofiber material for particularly detailed signal reproduction with minimal delay and distortion.

Denon D9200 Specifications

The D9200 headphones come standard with 50mm FreeEdge drivers (Denon exclusive). This technology is based on a special fixation of the drivers, namely the use of ring panels, which helps to reduce annoying resonances and vibrations, which positively affects the reproduction accuracy. In addition, the manufacturer decided to add exceptionally strong magnets made of a special alloy of neodymium, iron and boron to the system. This alloy is intended to provide a lower overall sound distortion.



The supplied OFC copper cables have a replaceable fabric jacket and additional silver ferrules provide corrosion protection (+1 to the list of technical features). The 3m cable with a large plug is designed for use with Hi-Fi systems, while the second cable can be easily used with portable multimedia devices, given its length and 3.5mm jack.

According to Denon, the transmitted frequency range of these headphones is from 5 Hz to (dizzying) 56 kHz. Compared to the D5200 model, the D9200 provides an additional 16 kHz dedicated to high frequencies only. The impedance ranges from 23 to 24 ohms, which also makes this unit a good choice for connecting to low power devices (preamps) such as smartphones, iPads or media players. The maximum SPL we recorded during this test was 96dB.

Denon AH-D9200 body

The D9200 uses custom ear cups to rotate even after putting on the headphones. On the one hand, this is an advantage in terms of customization. On the other hand, this can lead to unwanted sliding and poor fit, as well as discomfort during head rotation. However, thanks to the memory foam padding, the ear cushions and the padded headband significantly reduce pressure on the temples and back of the head.

The reasonably flexible headband rim can grow (and shrink) in size thanks to the so-called “memory function” that retains the last selected size.




What’s more, the D9200 weighs just 385 grams (without cable, 465 with cable), largely due to the use of materials such as bamboo and aluminum, which are relatively light compared to other common finishes. This gives the user an even greater level of comfort. In practice, a 3m cable provides ample flexibility and space to move indoors, while a shorter 1.35m cable is more designed for travel use.

When it comes to connecting cables, there is no difficulty and no need to use an adapter, since in our daily life, most headphones have cables with mini-jack plugs. Again, Denon shows how sophisticated technologies can be offered to customers and ensured ease of use.

Denon AH-D9200 sound

If you ask for a description of the sound reproduction in the D9200, we will answer like this: “Unobtrusive, smooth and open. Authoritative treble. Natural sound without distortion. ”

These headphones can handle high-resolution files effortlessly, providing the depth and volume you need. At the same time, the extended frequency range (due to the broadening of the high frequency spectrum) allows for a more detailed sound picture.

Don’t jump to conclusions, the D9200 is incredibly good at handling bass too. These Denon headphones perfectly reproduce intermediate elements such as sub-bass and mid-to-high transitions. Even at high volumes with bass boost, you will not experience perceptible distortion that will ruin your listening pleasure.

The D9200 delivers differentiated mids ranging from bright treble to warm bass. The result is truly three-dimensional sound that, when combined with a massive treble headroom, creates a stereo sound effect and adds depth.

Depending on the source of the sound (this is most evident on low power portable devices), elements such as female vocals may stand out slightly due to slight blurring at the upper end of the frequency range, but this is not so obvious during listening.

In short, these headphones never stray from the path of premium sound. However, those who expect an unforgettable experience after the first use may not be satisfied enough. The truth is, these headphones do sound good, but nothing more.

The smooth and natural sound produced by the D9200 features a balanced frequency response without any signs of distracting resonances in the intermediate stages that can occur with simpler headphones.

These flagships also work well with weaker preamps due to their low impedance, providing high volume levels. However, the sound absorption and external noise cancellation are not quite up to the standards that you can get in other Hi-Fi headphones.



The D9200 should delight fans of quality sound. The sub-bass of these headphones will create atmospheric soundscapes for genres such as hip-hop and dubstep, while open mids give a smoother sound of rock and metal. The detailed high frequency mapping will breathe new life into jazz and classical music, embellishing them with velvety finishes in all parts of the frequency range that will definitely appeal to most listeners.

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