Dunu DK-4001 Review: Lacking enthusiasm

Dunu DK 4001
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So, long, short, but  Dunu has  finally released its top-end and most promising DK-4001 hybrid headphones. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve had to wait since the announcement. If the model is really that good, then audiophiles will forgive everything. Now let’s talk about this. And personally, my impressions will not be as enthusiastic as I would like.

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Packaging, equipment, appearance

The DK-4001 box is very large and wide. If you like small intraducts in big boxes, then this is the case. In the kit we get: 10 pairs of ear pads of different sizes, including ordinary silicone ones, foams and  SpinFit

nozzles with a convenient metal holder, a leather case with magnets, a brush for cleaning the sound guide filters, adapters and 4 interchangeable plugs, to which we will return. In general, Dunu, as always, are generous.

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The headphones themselves, with 5 emitters each, 4 Knowles armatures and 1 13 mm beryllium speaker, turned out to be about the same as the compact four  -driver DK-3001which at one time everyone was so surprised. The landing of the new flagships is comfortable, they fit in my small ears without any problems. The oval-shaped cases look nice, the assembly is impeccable. Soundproofing is good, it all depends on the nozzles.
The complete replacement cable from Furutech is twisted and lightweight, it is made of hybrid, with conductors of ordinary and silver-plated copper. Weaving is wonderful. Finally, a model from Dunu came out with a stock enough audiophile lanyard. The MMCX connectors seem to have been improved, they are durable and, fortunately, standard.

Surprises await the buyer right there, the cable plug is also interchangeable. Initially, the wire is made balanced, and it is possible to put any of the proposed adapters on it. There are four options in total: 3.5 standard, 3.5 balanced, 2.5 balanced, 4.4 balanced. For me personally, with my collection of players, this is more than relevant, but for normal people who have only one bundle, or, for example, one player and a lot of headphones, the idea of ​​​​replacing plugs may seem like pampering. Yes, and the design of the connector causes some concern, it is long, large and threatens to loosen itself over time, or accidentally break the player’s headphone output. Be careful.


Specifications and Compatibility

  • Frequency range DK-4001: 5 Hz to 40 kHz;
  • Sensitivity 112 dB;
  • Resistance 32 Ohm.

Classic Hi-Res. A particularly powerful source is not needed here, but the players of the initial segment will not shake the headphones. But finally, in the top multi-drivers, background noise is not heard, it’s just wonderful. As for other characteristics, such as ACIS technology and zirconium acoustic chambers, I propose to immediately evaluate the result.


The main testing was carried out on players  QLS 361  and  Questyle QP2R .
The sound of the DK-4001 seemed very peculiar to me. I loved the previous model DK-3001 and I expected more from the new one. Alas. On the one hand, the new flagship Dunu plays at a high level, the quality more or less corresponds to the cost. On the other hand, I still do not understand what they have been working on for three years. Well, in order.
The headphone stage is very good, especially in depth, there is a lot of space and air. At the same time, the presentation seems restrained and detached, which is convenient for listening to the parts of individual instruments. The sound is weighty, timbre authentic. However, the middle sounds dull and as if not quite alive, without a full transfer of musical bursts. I have a version that it’s an unsuccessful junction of drivers. The disadvantage is less noticeable during long listening, but in the first minute it causes irritation.

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By frequencies. The bass of the DK-4001 is accentuated, and at least it really got better. In general, this is almost an exemplary speaker setup. Bass is defined, voluminous, perfectly controlled. They do not buzz in vain on any genres, but, on the contrary, build a confident and beautiful rhythmic pattern. This is not an armature, but the speed performance is impressive.
As for the middle, everything has been said above, it is uncolored, more weighty than that of the DK-3001, three-dimensional, but its sound noticeably lacks fullness and richness of shades.
High frequencies, like bass, are accentuated, they can sometimes be harsh, but they play quite accurately on good material. The resolution is very good. I lacked the naturalness of timbres and length, but compared to the depressingly rustic highs on the DK-3001, this is still progress.


Genres: Basically, any. Sources: appropriate for the level. The nature of the sound of the headphones: weighty, detached, detailed. The quality of the recordings is demanding on 7 out of 10. Would I buy this model for myself? No, not likely.

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