Edifier WH700NB: Affordable headphones with more than 60 hours of use

Edifier WH700NB Review
Edifier WH700NB Review

Edifier is one of the many brands that dedicate an important space to audio devices and logically the headphone segment quickly comes to mind. On this occasion, the Edifier WH700NB are aimed at all those people who want to forget about battery life issues for a long time , in addition to giving you more immersion with the inclusion of active noise cancellation technology.

Edifier WH700NB are wireless headphones that have the distinction of offering you a lot for little money. For less than 50 euros you can receive not only an accessory to listen to your favorite music or play in a more than correct way, but also a battery that lasts longer than the vast majority of options for sale on the current market.

A very conventional design

Edifier WH700NB are designed to be used for a long time

You will not find in this specific model anything that you have not previously imagined, since its construction includes a black tone for its entire surface, including the possibility of changing the length of its headband to adapt to different head sizes and some physical buttons on the bottom frame of the headphones for quick actions.

In addition to aesthetics, the manufacturer indicates that the Edifier WH700NB are made with ear pads that are pleasant to the touch that will help you not feel the typical burning or pain on your ears after long sessions of continuous use, while its foldable and Compact dimensions won’t stop you from taking it with you outside the home.

Improved active noise cancellation

As we indicated initially, this option comes with an advanced multi-mode active noise cancellation technology that is designed to work correctly in both outdoor and indoor environments, whether traveling on public roads, long-distance trips on the plane or simply in a bustling office.

It’s not just about the sound immersion you’ll have when playing or playing your favorite songs, but also about optimizing its built-in microphone for crystal-clear calls. Powered here are a series of advanced Al-based algorithms plus a single DNN noise-canceling microphone that helps you distinguish voice sounds over surrounding sounds for better hands-free operation or work conferencing.

Several days of continuous use

Edifier WH700NB can reach almost three days of full use

While you shouldn’t expect the best that this brand has achieved in its catalog when it asks very little money in return, the truth is that its titanium-coated 40mm dynamic drivers will give you enough punchy bass tones when needed as well as some high frequencies that do not lose clarity.

Edifier WH700NB perhaps has the best of all its analysis in its built-in battery, since according to official figures it can reach an excellent playback time of up to 68 hours when the ANC mode is turned off , or failing that, it can also go down to high performance. 45 hours of use. As if that were not enough, a 10-minute charge gives you an additional 8 hours of uninterrupted use, so you will never be left without sound accompanying you the rest of the day.

To conclude, the specifications are completed with a new generation Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, guaranteeing not only better signal stability with low energy consumption, but also the possibility of synchronizing with a playback source simultaneously and thus changing the music, entering and exiting. of online meetings, watch videos and answer calls on your mobile or computer.

Comparison with Edifier WH950NB

Edifier WH700NB can be equalized using the in-house App

If you want to make comparisons with other headphones from the same brand that you can currently find for sale, the user experience can be quite similar in the case of the Edifier WH950NB , since they also offer you Bluetooth 5.3, active noise cancellation and style of classic design .

However, in its favor it has the renowned LDAC and Hi-Res audio certifications as well as the possibility of using them both wirelessly and with a 3.5 mm cable for when you run out of battery remaining. What do you lose? Its autonomy is still outstanding but is reduced to a maximum of 55 hours on a single charge (34 hours with active ANC).


  • Long duration battery
  • Integrated active noise cancellation
  • Next generation connectivity
  • Very competitive price for the market


  • Could have some built-in sound extras


Edifier WH700NB Specifications:

Weight 271 grams
Colors Black
diaphragm unit 40mm
Headphone type Closed, dynamic
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth LE audio profile TMAP, CSIP, MCP, VCP, CCP
Technology active noise cancellation (ANC)
Battery life Up to 68 hours of playback
Loading time 8 hours of use after ten minutes
Accessories Headphones
USB Cable
Reference Guide
Warranty Card
Official site Edifier