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FiiO FH7 Review: Premium headphones with professional performance

FiiO FH7

Although in the current headphone market everything is focused on seeking maximum portability in exchange for a price that is affordable enough, there are still brands that target more demanding users and are willing to spend much more in exchange for the best technical features. and construction . One of them is FiiO, whose catalog has brilliant examples such as FiiO FH7 .

FiiO FH7 are high-end headphones that are designed in conjunction with the Knowles firm to offer a Hi-Fi audio system that includes up to five optimized drivers inside and a construction based on aluminum materials for long durability. Its main highlight is its interest in even the smallest details of operation and comfort of use.

High-quality construction

FiiO FH7 arrives with a wide variety of accessories

It is not necessary to investigate too much why this model is in the “Premium” range of the market, because just holding it in your hands for the first time you can appreciate its quality construction that is based on a space-grade aluminum and magnesium alloy. The manufacturer manages to shape it through a five-axis CNC technology, while its casing is subjected to 21 processes with a total of 3,873 cuts before being sandblasted and polished by hand.

As far as their cables are concerned, they use slightly expanded MMCX-type connectors that are differentiated through the use of different colors , a blue one referring to the left side and a red one for the right side, thus avoiding any confusion. To ensure long life, it is actually made up of 152 silver wires organized through eight strands.

Finally, to achieve maximum comfort, up to eight “SpinFit” cushions have been added that allow finding the perfect fit according to the particularities of each ear, without neglecting an enhancement of low and medium frequencies.

High definition sound quality

FiiO FH7 allows switching between physical sound filters

As expected for this type of model, the Hi-Fi certification has been achieved, that is, high resolution, granted by the Japan Audio Society as proof of its great reproduction results . Likewise, each user is free to switch between three pairs of physical filters that have been carefully designed to adjust the sound according to each person’s preferences (red for dynamic bass emphasis, black for balanced audio and green for treble emphasis). or sound regulation).

Internally, the FiiO FH7 is made up of four Knowles-optimized balanced armature drivers that are combined with a beryllium dynamic driver to correctly cover the entire acoustic frequency spectrum.

In the case of high frequencies, the Knowles SWFK-31736 driver comes into action, while for the medium options it is based on the classic 30017 with a modification to achieve more full-bodied details, softer voices and a wider soundstage. Finally, for low frequencies is a 13.6mm beryllium composite dynamic driver that is lightweight yet extremely rigid for deep bass.

In official figures, this model is capable of reaching an input power level of 100mW, around a sensitivity of 111db/mW, as well as moving in a frequency that goes from 5 Hz to 40 kHz and an impedance of 16 Ω( @1kHz).

Performance-Inspired Design

FiiO FH7 has everything necessary for the most demanding users

Not everything seen in the design of these headphones is focused on offering a modern aesthetic that is attractive to the eye. For example, on this occasion it has debuted its new design technology called S.TURBO V.2.0 that includes longer inner tubes and greater acoustic optimization (inspired by turbines) to help achieve more robust low levels.

Likewise, through the optimization of the cushioning and its internal structure , the air pressure that is generated in the front and rear of the FiiO FH7 is much more balanced, thus managing to eliminate the unwanted pressures that can be seen on the ears . after long periods of use.

On the other hand, the drivers mentioned above are contained in a solid case to obtain the best performance. This features a rigid three-prong structure to significantly reduce resonance and distortion to enhance a sense of pure sound.

All this not only shows that the headphones have a superior job to what is found in most models on sale today, but also that it is a step forward within the same brand catalog when compared to versions like FiiO FH5s .


  • Design with top-notch materials
  • Great comfort for long periods of use with a variety of replacement ear pads
  • Hi-Fi sound quality supported
  • Optimizes high, mid and low sound frequencies equally in detail


  • Price can be quite high


FiiO FH7 Specifications

Colors black with silver
Weight 8.15 grams each
drivers 12.6mm balanced beryllium + four Knowles drives
Hi-Fi certified Yes
frequency response 10Hz – 40kHz
Sensitivity 111dB/mW
Impedance 16Ω(@1kHz)
maximum power input 100mW
Wired Compatibility Yes, 3.5mm
cable length 120cm
Official site FiiO
Accessories included
  • 1.2 meter cord
  • storage cover
  • carrying case
  • 18 different size replacement pads
  • 8 SpinFit pads
  • Three pairs of sound filters
  • storage case

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