FiiO FH7s Review
FiiO FH7s Review
FiiO FH7s Review

FiiO FH7s Review: Elite headphones that will please audiophiles

Hi-Fi headphones are abundant in the current market, but the FiiO FH7s stand out in that infinite sea of ​​headphones for many reasons. Getting into the matter, these are the successors of the FiiO FH7 and are positioned between the FH5S and FH9 in terms of performance and price. The essential thing to know about them is that they are hybrid headphones with four BA drivers plus one dynamic driver. It should be noted that they are equipped with the same second-generation 13.6 mm DLC controller found in the FiiO FH9, so we can expect elite sound quality.

Naturally, these headphones are also made in collaboration with the Knowles brand and retain all the virtues of the original model, improving a product that was already very close to perfection. But as is customary, we will not leave the explanations until here, so it is time to delve into all its details.


The new FiiO FH7S follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, so naturally they are semi-open design headphones, but they are distinguished by their quirky and stylish casing with a sci-fi-themed faceplate . According to the company, they have been inspired by Sci-Fi armor design for their creation. Either way, the cases are CNC formed from a solid piece of aluminum and finished with a vented backplate. As you can see, they sport a timeless black color scheme with silver accents.

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The build quality is simply excellent and robust , no complaints here. And although the body of the FiiO FH7s is made of metal, they feel light and comfortable to wear, which may seem impossible at first glance. Likewise, the outlet nozzles have the appropriate depth and hold well to the selected tips that we install; They anchor very well inside the ear and do not cause discomfort , at least not in the short term.

Speaking of comfort, these headphones ship with 19 pairs of tips . Two of the sets have double flanges, we also found two sets of foam tips, three spinner tips, silicone and rubber tips, so there will surely be a pair that you like.

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When it comes to the cable , the FiiO FH7s come with a high-purity silver cable with 8 wires , for a total of 152 wires. Each wire is individually insulated and are twisted together in a Litz pattern. It is important to mention that the cable is modular, with interchangeable connectors that connect with the FiiO screw system. With that in mind, two plugs are provided, one balanced 4.4mm and one extreme 3.5mm , but unfortunately no 2.5mm.

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An impressive sound that satisfies the most demanding

The FiiO FH7s are IEM headphones that provide a very smooth and natural sound, with excellent balance and space. Resolution, transparency and separation are equally good, conveying a sense of realism and pleasing tonality.

The presentation is almost neutral with no additional elevation in the spectrum, unless of course we use the other mouthpiece filters. Apart from a well-balanced sound, the FH7s also boast of a dynamic approach with a fast nature. In general terms, the presentation is always natural and fluid, with good softness and timbre.

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Going into details, the bass is well extended and is more than enough to handle bass-heavy tracks with ease, and best of all, it never muddies the rest of the frequencies. The texture of the bass is the most impressive part of the Fiio FH7S, the quickness is there despite the punchy and somewhat punchy nature of the bass. Some put the bass response on par with that exhibited by the FH9s, and that says a lot in favor of the FH7S.

As if that were not enough, the FH7S provide very clean midrange with transparency and resolution worthy of the high-end. The sounds at this frequency sound coherent and also have good body and thickness of notes. However, the resolution is not at the same level as that of the FiiO FH9, but given the price difference it is understandable.

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The treble is smooth and a little relaxed , but not to the point of sounding dull or lacking extension. This range is airy, clear and transparent, offering plenty of definition, but in a natural way that is not bright, aggressive or penetrating.

With all that said

We truly believe that the FiiO FH7s have what it takes to satisfy demanding audiophiles looking for a solution with premium sound quality for a slightly more reasonable price, but that does not mean that they are perfect, as there are a couple of little things to take into consideration.

In this sense, the semi-open design of the FiiO FH7s helps with the soundstage in terms of precision and natural positioning, but exhibits a certain lack of depth and holography layers , not to mention that it obviously prevents perfect noise isolation.

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Pros and Cons


  • The sound is unparalleled
  • Very comfortable and light
  • Excellent build quality
  • Detachable cable and interchangeable plugs


  • There is no 2.5mm connector
  • No wireless connectivity
  • Price



Colors Black with silver
Weight 9 grams each
Drivers 13.6mm DLC dynamic driver + four Knowles BA drivers
Hi-Fi Certification Yeah
Frequency response 10Hz – 40kHz
Sensitivity 104 dB/mW@1kHz
Impedance 18 Ohms@1kHz
Maximum power input 100mW
Wired Compatibility Yes, 3.5mm
Cable length 120cm
Official site FiiO
Accessories included 2 pairs of foam ear tips (M), 3 pairs of vocal ear tips (S, M and L), 3 pairs of HS18 ear tips (S, M and L), 3 pairs of bass ear tips (S, M and L), 3 pairs of balanced ear tips (S, M and L), quick start guide, 2 pairs of double tab ear tips (M), magnetic clip, 3 pairs of SpinFit ear tips (S, M and L), HB5 carrying case, cleaning brush, interchangeable 3.5 and 4.4mm connector, instruction manual, interchangeable filters.