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JBL Tour Pro+ TWS Review: Versatile headphones with great sound

Over the past 10 years, the abbreviation JBL has become the guarantor of quality. At the moment, this is the only audio brand included in the top 5 for the production of headphones. Oddly enough, the remaining 4 places were shared by tech companies: Apple, Sony, Xiaomi and Huawei.


My acquaintance with this company began with a simple JBL Flip speaker back in 2013. Since that time, several generations of portable speakers have changed , the TWS headphone format has conquered the market, but one thing has remained unchanged – the thoughtfulness and quality of JBL products . In this review, I will try to convey to you all the emotions from the novelty, pleasant reading.

Design, convenience, main features

As soon as the JBL Tour PRO + TWS case falls into your hands, you immediately understand that it is worth the money. The charging case has a rounded shape and is made of matte plastic, which helps to protect it from scratches. On the back, we notice a rubberized flat area. This is a pretty practical solution to improve the wireless charging function. The case does not slide off the charging pad, does not get scratched after repeated charging cycles, in addition, it is an excellent design solution.

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The lid fits snugly to the case thanks to magnetic fasteners, the chance of accidental opening is excluded. When you open it, we are greeted by a mirrored panel, under which are located the charging indicators of each earphone. It seems that these tiny LED panels look much better than conventional indicators.



The headphones themselves have a slightly noticeable cartilaginous retainer, unlike the same JBL Reflect Mini NC, it not only looks more aesthetically pleasing, but also significantly adds comfort to the fit. Also on the inside we can see an IR sensor, which allows the headphones to understand whether they are in the ear or not. If you take them out while listening, the music will stop. When you return to the auricle, the opposite situation will occur – playback will resume. There are diodes next to the sensor that indicate the current state of the earphone.

The autonomy of the model is 32 hours, which is a bit strange considering the dimensions of the charging case. It seems to me that such results were obtained due to the use of the already outdated Bluetooth 5.0 technology. I have nothing against it, but since we are considering a far from budget model, for myself I note this as a minus. For balance, I want to note the presence of fast charging, which gives us about an hour of work in a couple of minutes from the network. This function often helps out at the right moments and, unfortunately, few users are interested in its availability.

Noise canceling operation

Noise reduction is implemented at 5 with a minus. Headphones do an excellent job with low-frequency noise (engine hum, door slamming), but high-frequency noise is not easy for them. For example, the grinding of train wheels clearly breaks into my ears even at 85% power. On the other hand, the situation is similar in most other active noise canceling headphones .

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I was pleased with the choice of noise canceling mode: from complete isolation to intelligent noise passing for your safety. It works like this: you will not hear the general noise in public transport, but the stop announcement will be clearly audible. Sounds like magic, but it works in real life, making everyday coordination in the city easier.


In our case, 6.8 mm drivers are responsible for this characteristic. These are absolutely not record figures, but thanks to them it was possible to achieve an acceptable compactness of the headphones.

The high and low frequencies are slightly raised, which gives us a boost in the sound dynamics. This is great for listening to RNB and dance music. I would not recommend them to buy for lovers of classical music and admirers of vocal parts, this model is not sharpened for such a sound. The stage turns out to be quite wide, I have rarely heard this in the models of the JBL company. The detailing turned out to be at a decent level, it is possible to hear even quiet sounds, there is a feeling of understanding the location of the instruments.

The overall sound is assertive, biting and clear. I can’t forget about the already familiar JBL Headfones application, in which the user is asked to choose 3 sound options. Personally, I used only two: audio mode and video viewing. The latter allows you to minimize the delay in the picture and sound, which greatly simplifies both watching videos.


JBL Tour PRO + TWS turned out to be interesting, both in appearance and in hardware. We got a good urban model that will come in handy for the user every day, regardless of whether you are heading to the gym or walking in a suit to a meeting. The versatility and quality of the JBL Tour PRO + TWS made me happy, and I can safely recommend them to you. Before buying, as always, I suggest you listen to them in one of the physical stores.

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